My NAM Basket was poked. Sorry, adoption is not normal and adoptees don’t have normal lives

Adoption is not normal, Mayor Senter, It is a paradigm of family, political, and societal dysfunction and pretend greased by greed.  The public, church, politicians, and media romanticize adoption and adopted people as long as we behave.  We are always babies with no agency of our own, always and forever in need of guidance. Special interests across the political spectrum objectify us to meet their own personal and political ends. Abortion. Evangelism. Infertility. Welfare. Whatever d’jour  We are their propaganda. If we object to being objects, commodities, gifts, moral lessons, and eternal infants, object to fitting in, object to our secret government files, object to our ‘”better life”  we are ungrateful–or crazy! You need help! We’ll pray for you!  I’m sorry you had a bad experience!! Shut up! Continue Reading →