"THE ORGANS YOU NEED–THE HOMES THEY DESERVE ": Send-up Falls Flat on Emotionally Fragile Adoption Industrialists

A couple weeks ago the Medical Adoptions.com page hit our radar. Astute bastards and their fellow travelers recognized immediately that Medical Adoptions: The Organs You Need–The Homes They Deserve– is a perfect piece of high adoption satire a la Jonathan Swift (who lots of people didn’t get either). Bastardette laughed so hard she nearly fell out of her bed of bronchial affliction when she read the mission statement of Medical Adoptions (note the WASPy female child): We are a domestic and international adoption agency where parents are free to adopt a child who is a perfect match (up to 18 yrs) for the transplant of one or more “non-essential” organs to be donated to one of the adopting parents or your own children. Your new son or daughter would give you their heart, if it was possible, but a lung, eye or three feet of intestine might be enough to prove that love. Bastardette cannot convey the perfectness of Medical Adoptions. I mean this is the ultimate “angel” agency where’s God’s gift –a kid and a kidney– await you. Talk about twofers! You must browse the whole page, but here’s some samples:Profile page: (Warning! I have already put in my Continue Reading →