Here is a (probably incomplete) compilation of blog comments and media commentary about adoptee rights and NPR that have appeared in the week since the Donaldson report was released. This list does not include the Crary or other articles which appeared upon release of the report or articles I’ve already discussed. If you know of others, please post them here in comments. Remember to check your own local newspapers and TV stations; then stir it up! NOTE: I’ll be adding new citations as they come in, so check back.BLOGSAdopteeAmy: Adoptee Foes vs Adoptee FriendsAs someone who is denied access to her original birth certificate on the basis of her birth, I honestly can’t tell you what I would do if I had that document in my hands. I couldn’t tell you if I would make contact. Still no matter what, it is my right. Baby Love Child: Adam Pertman, please shut up.The crux of his argument was ’see, our RESEARCH shows, open records don’t hurt anybody’. NCFA will be more than glad to provide an ENDLESS parade of those ‘hurt by openness’, in response, I assure you.)…The crux of our argument is the demand that what the government robbed us Continue Reading →


Bastardette has received inquiries about the history of the Massachusetts Adoptee Blacklist aka SB63, Some have wondered how the bill got by them until now. I can’t answer the second question, but I can help with the first. Below is a list of all the action alerts, testimonies, and commentaries regarding the blacklist that have appeared on The Daily Bastardette since November 2005. While hardly a detailed history of current Massachusetts adopteephobia, (some of that will be published later) it will give you an idea of what went down in the Bay State. I did not include links, since Blogger links go flaky sometimes. It’s also time consuming to make links, and I’d rather develop a relationship with some Buffalo Wings tonight. To read a post–and learn just how hated and feared adoptees are in Massachusetts— just go to the Archives section on the right and click on the appropriate month. 2005B959 Talking Points, November 2, 2005Birth Certificate Access: Bastardette’s Testimony, November 3, 2005 2006Massachusetts Meltdown: An Eyewitness Account, March 6, 2006An Open Letter to Karen Spilka, March 8, 2006Call to Action, March 9, 2007Ground Zero, March 14, 2006Bastard Nation: Why You Should Vote for SB959 As Written, March 14, Continue Reading →