(NOTE: I don’t know what it is with Blogger and news stories. If the link doesn’t work go to the “opinion/editorial” link.) Here is a truly stupid editorial from Saturday’s Willoughby (Ohio) News Herald: Don’t Open Up Adoption Records. While the sentiment certainly isn’t new, I have no memory of ever reading anything this (excuse the pun) ill-conceived, ill-education, and plain ignorant on records access. Who wrote it? A high school intern? There are so many things wrong with this editorial it’s hard to know where to begin. The writer obviously knows nothing about how adoption operates in general, and in Ohio in particular. A 5-minute jaunt to Ohio Vital Records would have shown him or her that a substantial number of obcs are already unsealed in Ohio. (Pre-1964’s are open without restriction; 1/1/1964-9/17/1996 are sealed but by court order; and anything after that date is available to adoptees 21 or older unless a bparent has placed a disclosure veto with the state. (Adoptive parents can access them for adoptees between the ages of 18-21 unless there’s a veto) But you need to read it for yourself, If I didn’t know better I’d think this is a parody. These are Continue Reading →