Ohio Right to Life: Informed Consent v Informed Consent–It’s All Situational

On September 27, the Ohio Senate passed HB 63, an Ohio Right Right to Life (ORTL) bill to “tighten” up the procedures by which unmarried women in Ohio under the age of 18 can get an abortion without parental notification and consent. The passage of HB 63 is another tool to hack away at abortion access in the state. The bill, however, gives us the opportunity to expose the duplicitous nature of ORTL’s fraudulent concerns about “informed consent” “parental involvement” and “best interests” of teen women.. Dubious at best, these bytes spewed out to the public are nullified by ORTL’s sponsorship, support, and promotion of Ohio’s “safe haven law,” which encourages women– and targets teens especially– to hide pregnancies, give birth unattended, and to turn over their newborns anonymously to the state with no counseling, no parental involvement, and no health care, all under their “pro-life” banner. JUDICIAL BYPASSUnder Ohio law, an unmarried woman under the age of 18 cannot get an abortion without parental consent. She can, however, loophole out of by utilizing the judicial bypass procedure which permits her to go to juvenile court and request the state’s consent for her abortion outside of the family structure. This legal Continue Reading →