Stupid AdoptaComment of the Day: Women should have government licence to have a baby or lose it to adoption

breeding licsenceI have a confession to make.  TakiMag is my guilty pleasure..

I am one of the few women who dare set foot in this patriarchal lair of rightwingers, racists, sexists, homophones, and  religionists.  I have read and commented there for years. A number of the regulars hate  “Joos.” Christians, Muslims, Communists,  queers, and John Locke. The skygod apparently is the progenitor of everything that is bleeding heart, not to mention “communist” in the US  today. .They see Christianity as a precursor to Cultural Marxism and the cause of the two biggest problems in the US today:  welfare and homosexuality.  These guys would make Ayn Rand drop her cigarettes and hop a freighter back to St. Petersburg.

Most  commenters have no discernible  political ideology as far as I can tell except angry male me-ism.  They long for the days when men could beat their wives with a stick and blacks,and Hispanics knew their place. If you are sensitive don’t go there.

I came to TakiMag because I’ve been a big fan of publisher Taki Theodoracopulos  for over 35 years. (so shoot me!)   He’s old school, the kind of  high society  writer (and more)  I grew up with.  An insider observer who doesn’t mind punching and taking punches. Much like myself, he has a ideologically- wide collection of friends and acquaintances who might hate each other but not him. . Norman Mailer and Bill Buckley, for instance,were his close friends.  He’s one of the old civil society hands I bet he likes cocktail parties. (I do.)  I once had a dream that Taki hired me to redecorate his flat in NYC. The first thing I did was take down the curtains. My real dream, though, was to get an invitation to Taki’s yacht, Bushido but he sold it last year. Though Taki is conservative he’s a normal con (usually).and stands up for the little guy. He opposes neocons and neolibs and war. His angry essays on Bernie Madoff, whom he knew, are  some of the best around. He reminds me  in a way of  Damon Runeyon.

What does this have to do with adoption?  I’m coming to that.I was just making some context.

Today one of TakiMag’s regular contributors, London physician Theodore Dalrymple published Some to Misery  are Born, a piece about a woman charged with murder whom he was called in  by the court to to evaluate.  I thought it was a good piece and nothing to get my hackles up over.

As usual, of course, no matter how neutral a subject may be, discussion quickly disintegrated into talk of “Joos”  Commies, weepy Christians, and gay sex practices..

Then this popped up, posted by someone calling himself “seeitnowW”

CopsWomen have 2 rights that men don’t – the right to bear children at will and the right to unilaterally end the life of an unborn child. The time has come to require a woman to obtain a license to bear a child. The issuance of such a license would require approval by a government agency that would evaluate the ability of the woman to reasonably be able to provide for the child’s welfare. The absence of the license would give the state the right to take the child from the mother and place it in an adoptive family. Creating new citizens in a social democracy is serious business as we all share in the cost and suffer the consequences of poor breeding decisions. The incentive to bear children and thereby obtain free stuff – food, shelter and money from the government would disappear when a woman knows that the child will be taken away.

Keep in mind that 95+% of Taki posters consider the government too big for it’s britches (at least  the Obama government), but not too big I guess to kidnap babies  from unworthy mother mooches and place them in the worthy homes of the leisure class.. At least he didn’t prefix it with “loving.”

I couldn’t think of anything particular smart to say, so I just replied with a couple questions. I asked Mr seeitnowW if the acquired merchandise  had a right to identity and medical histories.  Lame, I know, but I’ve got better things to do today, and  how do you even address somebody like this? Anything I would argue would be considered “liberal” whining, even if I’m not a liberal.

I told seeitnowW that I would blog about him today, so I did.

I just checked and there are actually soomef good comments following this internal thread.  People outside of everyday adoption discourse know what’s gong on, and that’s a good sign.

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