It’s only mid-afternoon, but it’s become clear I won’t finish my follow-up on the New Life 10 today, though I’m working on it. There is so much material to wade through.

In the meantime, I recommend that you read Mike Doughney’s latest blog, Personal CEO Arrested While Returning from Free Child Shopping Trip to Port au Prince. Also read his previous blog below it. This is very important stuff. I have linked them both under “Featured Blogs” on the right sidebar.

Here is an excerpt:

Looked at from the point of view of an entrepreneur, what are these things? First, establish a warehouse for the merchandise, and processing facilities to make the merchandise suitable for the customer. Second, expedite the process of governmental approval which customers must obtain, making them as comfortable as possible while they fulfill the government’s mandate of a 60-90 day stay. Third, provide financing for the customers. Fourth, provide food and refreshment to the customers, which along with the lodging provides a “bubble” in which customers need not interact with the locals.

But as a business plan, there’s nothing to it, if the people putting it forward can’t seem to grasp the basic illegality of its initial premise. The children of Haiti are not theirs to process and export, to satisfy the endless demand for adoptable children without history, a demand their mythology creates.

Also go to the Baltimore Sun site for an AP video of the baby lifters trying to explain it’s all a “misunderstanding”…they need God’s love.” According to raid commander Laura Silsby, IRL, the CEO of Personal, they “did not understand that there was additional paperwork required.” Quite a big different from her quote in Reuters (and other articles) last night “I was going to come back here to do the paperwork.”

Yeah, Laura. Trafficking children across national borders is a bit more problematic than selling leopard print pajamas over the Internet.

Later today I will be posting another Very Important Persons entry that I had started before the New Life baby raid.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Mike Doughney’s Blog. I am now wondering how many federal grants this Madame Silsby has applied for thru Faith-Based Initiatives (FBO)in the last 2 months. Personally I have no doubt this is in the works already, if not, was a priority for Madame Silsby. These Crusty Christers have been planning and one has to believe that fed $$$$$ were part of the planning as well. They were setting up a business…trading in the flesh and blood of children. As another nmother said in another place on the net…”God…the ultimate scapegoat”.
    Thanks again Marley for staying on top of this and I hope that the Crusty Christers have a long stay in a Haitian jail. Though I doubt this is going to happen..Christian America is going to see that these nimrods get set free, afterall they were doing God’s Work and was all in good intention. They will make the Haitian govt look like the evil-doers, once again.
    As has been said..”The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions”.

  2. Welcome to the Adoption Twilight Zone: An Allegorical Tale

    Just suppose there was a terrible earthquake in the poorest, darkest hollers of Appalachia, and thousands of little white trash kids were separated from their parents, injured and orphaned, wandering the bleak hills. Imagine that prior to this awful disaster, Princesses and movie stars from an incredibly wealthy oil-rich Arab country had started a fad of adopting American orphans, and of course bringing them to Islam and Allah. There were only a handful, but it made a big impression in their country.

    America, in the midst of a depression and with crumbling infrastructure and government weakened by internal squabbles and corruption, is unable to adequately respond to the devastation in the earthquake area, which was already in bad economic shape, resulting in heartbreaking pictures on international news. Quick to the rescue come plane loads of “Holy Jihad Come to Allah Orphan Mullahs”, and begin taking our plane loads of lost little hillbillies to a much richer and more righteous land. When stopped by authorities, they say “Allah wills it” before opening fire.

    The Arabs love American orphans so much, they want to make it easy and convenient for True Believers to save kids from the Great Satan and teach them the One True Faith, so they have wonderful plans for “them thar hills”. They will establish a compound built around an orphanage, with halal food and a muezzin calling all to prayer 5 times a day, and no graven images. All little girls will be issued “My First Burkah”. Boys will learn to look forward to their own harem.

    To make it easy and convenient for well-off prospective adoptive parents approved by their Ayatollah to pick up their new kids, there will be a Muslim resort with all self-contained services so they need never interact with the locals, and their own airline and other amenities for those who want to combine vacation in the beautiful Smokey Mountains with child purchase.

    Why would Americans, who were not able to provide adequately for poor kids they don’t care about anyhow, be upset by this wonderful, religious humanitarian plan?? They just want to help save babies and take them to a better place!

  3. Hideous. What’s scary is that these people think that in the name of doing God’s work they get a free pass on everything else. In other words, they don’t answer to anyone. Just God, and they can make God say whatever they want.

  4. Bastardette:
    More on Voodoo:

    Some evangelical relief workers have seized on reports which appear to show that voodoo’s “real dark side” has begun to show itself. One prevalent belief, it is claimed, is that loup-garou have emerged from the torn earth to prey on humans. The word is French for werewolf, but it also applies to other animals which possess men and women and impel them to suck the blood of children.

    According to the same reports night-time patrols have been organised in some neighbourhoods against the malignant spirits, and there have been reports of a lynching at a refugee camp, La Grotte. Michaelle Casseus, one of the camp residents, said ” After the earthquake, the loup-garou fled from prison. He was boasting that he was in jail because he was caught eating children. During the night, he went into the tents and tried to take someone’s child. He was killed.”

  5. Wow. It boggles the mind. Fundies as social engineers…but of course. They do have the hot-line to the almighty and all that. Who better to decide who should raise the world’s children and who is superior to whom? (of course I jest)

    I am reminded of lions and other predators, stalking the herds during the dry season and picking off the young and weaker. Rather than eating their catch, these predators adopt them.

    The more I read, the more I want to immigrate.

  6. their pics–i get the feeling that you can actually see the air of pretention of them..

    yeah, i was drinking coffee, this morning, and the news said that “they didnt have an understanding of all the CORRECT paperwork that was needed..”

    LMAO!!!! (PUKE)!!! they didnt cuz, they had NO INTENTION of doing anything or everything ethically or legally!!! shows ya how and why they do it all the time, maybe everyday…heck…this last one was just prolly another drop in the bucket to ’em…oh, lets see now, lets build a church, and no prob, its real purpose ‘human trafficking’

    nazi tactics here, conventiently and deliberately disguised so much , justified for so long, that ,,,,,

    wait, now, does this have anything to do with Pat Robertson, claiming that this earthquake was the doings of the Haitian people making a pact with the devil? and it was all their fault??

    so what about all the other earthquakes in the world? even the one in San Francisco years ago..yeah, thats it…it was all their fault too, the san francisco people must have made a “pact with the devil..”

  7. Laura Silsby if full of shit! No way could this Laura Silsby been that naive and only of good Christian intention. Google Laura Silsby and look at all the hits just on the first page.

    I found this interesting..she was a former exec for Hewlett-Packard…this woman was definitely creating herself a new business…that in the selling of children. She knew exactly what she was doing (and why) and using a church for her front. Didn’t know they needed paperwork? (which would have included passports for these children??), I am assuming she and her cohorts had passports to enter the country of Haiti. Why would she think that Haitian children would not need the same (or similar papers), entering the foreign country of DR?

    “”Go Shopping Online With Joan is a free service founded by former Hewlett-Packard exec Laura Silsby. Based in Boise, Idaho, the site is geared toward working women … – Cached””

    And why would these American Christians be sent back to face charges in America? They committed this crime in Haiti, not in America. Haitian law applies, not American law nor some Christian Law that these idiots seem to believe supercedes all. They kidnapped Haitian children, Period! Throw the Haitian book at them and let them do their time in a Haitian cell. “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”. And if these people are of such great faith…won’t their Christian God deliver them safely from the Minions of Satan, known as Haitians? Yeah, they will be ‘delivered’ but not by their God. They will be delivered by forces greater than their God, that of the American Right-Wing Whacko Christian Politicians…by strong arming what’s left of the Haitian govt.

  8. Maryanne, that was classic. The thing that leaves me gaping in utter disbelief is the fact that these Godly folk cannot see the arrogance of their presumptions.

    I wonder what would be said if an organized group of Atheists decided to “rescue” and adopt these little ones? I can just hear the shouted charges of “recruiting children to be Godless heathens.”

    So, according to these ijits, it’s OK for them to dabble in social engineering because they are doing it “for the Lord.” Jeez

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