I have no inclination or time to get into a discussion on the attempted adoption of David Banda by Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie. There’s more than enough media coverage on it. But….there is an article in Salon today, “Don’t Justify My Love” by adopter Mary Kane. Some very good comments follow the article. Posts by “london chic,” “Vedora” and “Naijamama” are particularly good. I also posted one, “Adoptees are second class” and may post more tomorrow.

“london chic” posts about “ownership adoption”– a term I’d not heard before, but describes traditional adoption in the US-vs. non-western models such as extended or kin. It’s a term I’ll be using in the future and would like to see moved into our own adoption lexicon.

Go here to read the “Don’t Justify My Love and comments. If you’re not a paid subscriber to Salon you’ll have to sit throughthe ad first, then click on “enter salon” at the top. Uncivil ads are removed by Salon.

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