Plug for Adoption Secrecy: Taking Off the Gloves

I’m working on a couple long pieces and having a hard time getting a handle on them. So tonight I’m sharing with you the great news that Joanne Swanson is kickin’ out the jams with her new blog Adoption Secrecy: Taking Off the Gloves. Jo predates many of us in the movement. A long-time activist with a mile of filing cabinets, she knows where all the bodies are buried, and she’s digging them up.

My favorite post so far is Joe D. Tennenbaum, Protector of Women’s Virtue. I was aware of most of adoption pimp Tennenbaum’s “problems,” but didn’t feel I had enough of a backstory to write something that made sense–if sense can be made of Tennenbaum and his management style. I’m so glad that there is now a proper repository we can all refer to. This is very strong, ugly stuff that goes to the heart of adoption corruption and beyond.
I took the above picture of Jo at the AAC in Falls Church back in 1999 . She’s selling her infamous buttons.

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