I’ve been tied up with some pretty time-consuming tasks lately and am way behind in my writing here. It is with great pleasure, however, that I take a moment to accept BB Church’s invitation to jump out of CARE’s “celebration” cake and skunk-juice our unworthy opponents.

CARE, (California Adoption Reform Effort) you see, is now running a borderline pay-to-play scheme with AB 1372 sponsor Assb. Fiona Ma. BB Church, who has more street creds than aggregate CARE could get in 35 years of street walking, explains how this thinly disguised fundraiser, billed as a “celebration of the Honorable Assemblywoman Fiona Ma” operates:

If you read it very carefully you’ll note that C.A.R.E. is not actually hosting this shindig, “individual members of the California Adoption Reform Effort” are. Note that C.A.R.E.’s name is highlighted. This gives the impression that this is a C.A.R.E. sponsored “celebration” although the actual text denies it… ( I used to do this sort of dodge all the time with endorsement lists, put somebody’s name and affiliation with an asterisk next to it, with a tiny note at the bottom informing people that the organization is noted for “identification purposes only”, ha!) Note that this “celebration” is not highlighted on the C.A.R.E. website either.

Bastardette note: RSVPs are directed to Jean Strauss’ CARE account, not her individual personal account. oh oh!

This is because this “celebration” is a thinly disguised fundraiser for Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, (“make the checks out to Fiona2010”) and C.A.R.E. could jeopardize its 501(c)4 status if it donated money or in-kind resources directly to a candidate. But this is just a technicality, this party is all about C.A.R.E., they’re giving away Jean Strauss swag, they’ll be pouring C.A.R.E. vino, heck, they’ll probably serve chévre and brie curdled from the bitter milk of stoic adopted goats and cows, victims of Pastoral Primal Wound.

So what’s up with this?

Is CARE (technically not) holding a fundraiser for its bill sponsor (who seems not to need the money to start with) and possibly endangering its tax status just to get its name on a half-asssed bill that if passed will cause uncalculable damage to the real rights movement and take years to undo?

Oh, that’s right! CARE doesn’t do fundraising and outreach amongst California’s great unwashed bastards. It supports itself on $85 membership fees (I paid $85 and all I got was a password to this lousy “Members Only” webpage) and the kindness of adoption industry bottomfeeders.

Is CARE afraid that unless it raises money for its benefactor, Assmb. Ma will run away with its bill; swayed by California’s other adoptees: Bad Seeds and Ungrateful Bastards?

Or maybe just get bored with the eager scrubbed faces of Benedict Bastards of the do-bee class who’d rather run their oily tongues over the boots of the adoption bosses than take back OUR rights?

Does CARE think it can wheedle endorsements out of high rollers and unions bosses at the booze and food trough by giving away books and videos about (gak!) adoption?

It gets curiouser and curiouser all the time.

Now, hand me my seltzer bottle.

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