Our Future is in Our Hands: A message from Ron Morgan; support James Lane

The recent news stories,
documenting  adoptee abuse in great detail, is an opportunity for us to strike for our rights.  While I’m writing up Bastard Nation response  I’m posting a very important message from Ron Morgan. Take the fire and run with it! 

Ron Morgan:
Well, it’s happened again. The media reacts to a breaking story revealing the maltreatment of adoptees by interviewing a bunch of non-adoptees. PBS gave Adam Pertman of the Adoption Institute a forum to react to the bomb-shell Reuters “re-homing” series, and you know what he said?

“Derp, I didn’t know!!!”

This is why it is CRUCIAL for us to support candidates who understand, embrace and advocate for Adoptee Rights. James Lane is a Late Discovery Adoptee running for New York City Public Advocate. James Lane deserves our support.

Don’t sit on your hands while so-called experts and self-described advocates use their positions of POWER to pontificate about our rights!

This is NO JOKE, people. As adoptees our future is in our hands. Write letters, demonstrate, button-hole your legislators, but take a couple of minutes to click on the link below and DONATE to an adoptee running to be our ADVOCATE! Donate to James Lane today!



Donate to this candidate


Help Elect The Green Party’s First Candidate for Public Advocate of New York City

James talks about his adoption and adoptoin secrecy here 

NOTE:  You do not have to be a resident of New York City or New York State to donate.

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