"Adopted in America: A Study of Stigma" by BN’s Joanne Wolf Small; popular research download


  Adopted in America: A Study of Stigma, a paper by long-time adoptee rights advocate Joanne Wolf Small was recently listed on Social Science Research Network’s  Top Ten download list for

  •  Anthropology and Archaeology Research Network: Kinship & Gender (subtopic)
  • Anthropology and Archaeology Research Network: Kinship, Gender, the Body and Sexuality (Topic):
  • Social & Political Philosophy eJournal. “North America (topic),
  • Culture Area students eJournal,
  • Philosophy Research Network: Discrimination, Oppression, Coercion, Consent to Risk or Harm (topic)
  • Social & Political Philosophy eJournal.

You can download the paper for free here.

 For decades, Joanne has been a true adoptee rights warrior   and bastard goddess.  She is a member of BN’s Legislative Committee. You can read more about Joanne and her book, Adoption Mystique  (that says it all!) here

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