Giving new meaning to the word chutzpah. Jorge Torres Puello has just put up a webpage: Jorge es Inocente.com. It includes his biography, legal documents (including a certificate of good conduct), audio tapes, videos…and Martha Stewart!

Many of the videos show the release of the “missionaries” and their return to Idaho. Apparently Yoram doesn’t realize that these are some of the most hated people in the US today, and that most of us think they belong in jail right next to Dick Cheney and Tim Geithner. To win friends and influence people he does not want to take credit for that.

The page is in Spanish, and I need to go through it yet. The audio didn’t work, but I trust that will be fixed soon.

The reinvention begins!

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  1. Of course Silsby will follow suit, and with a PayPal button you can bet. Most hated? To the fundies the Haiti Ten DIY Adoption Mafia were martyrs… there were calls to cut off US relief aid unless these misfits were released. People who are universally hated don’t lawyer up with mouthpieces with a direct line to the SoS.

  2. BD, You and all the others like Anon Guy and Robin who have doggedly dug into this muck are to be commended. It’s like watching a snake kill and consume a rat. It’s grotesque, but fascinating. Goddess help the poor child that falls into the clutches of any of these players.

  3. Reading Haiti Vox special report, sure sounds like Silsby and crew were led astray. Or, rather, they allowed themselves to be led astray, because they went in without doing their homework. And their noses may be malfunctioning, because I’d think someone would have smelled the rats…

    I am wondering if disregarding instructions and/or speaking lies is a habit of Baptist missionaries? The families in Idaho have denied sending any money to Puello. Was that because they were told not to by authorities? Why lie? Are lies “okay” if they are in God’s name? $30,000 is sitting in Jorge’s frozen accounts, and an Idahoan is emailing with Jorge about it. Hmmm.

  4. From haitivox.com:

    “Puello continues to claim no history with Laura Silsby prior to his introduction to her in jail. Instead, he claims, another high-ranking Dominican lawyer, and a Dominican military officer were helping her with documents and other help needed to bring Haitian children into their country. If his claims prove true, one of these named individuals has a past link with trafficking.”

    Haitivox also says that Puello is still corresponding with Sean Lankford (1 of the 10) via email.

    Robin–thanks!! I LOL’d at the snake comment!! 🙂

  5. Remember the 52 “orphans” that Gov Ed Rendell spirited out of Haiti? Turns out that about a dozen aren’t orphans, and there were no adoptions in process. The two Penn. missionary girls refused to leave without them, so Rendell took them, too. Contributions to the girls’ church in Pittsburg have soared.

    The non-orphans are really enjoying the indoor pool at the facility where they now live, so that makes it okay. Thought you’d all appreciate that. An indoor pool and outdoor playground make up for parents.

  6. Just saw this:

    “Gordon Brown apologises to child migrants sent abroad”

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown has apologised for the UK’s role in sending more than 130,000 children to former colonies where many suffered abuse.

    He expressed regret for the “misguided” Child Migrant Programme, telling the Commons he was “truly sorry”.

    He also announced a ÂŁ6m fund to reunite families that were torn apart.

    The scheme sent poor children for a “better life” to countries like Canada and Australia from the 1920s to 1960s, but many were abused and lied to.

    More than 130,000 children, aged between three and 14, were sent to Commonwealth countries.

    As they were shipped out of Britain, many were wrongly told their parents were dead, while parents were given very little information about where their children were going.

    The former child migrants have told how on arrival they were separated from their siblings, and put into foster homes, state-run orphanages and religious institutions. Others were educated only for farm work.

    Many were subjected to brutal physical and sexual abuse by those who were meant to be caring for them.


    I had no idea so many children were exported, even as late as the 1960s.

    There’s something familiar about this program, hmmmmm, what could it be…

  7. BD, I’ve read the latest entry at Haiti Vox, but I think it is too reliant on an unreliable source, Jorge Puello.

    The focus, I suspect, should remain on how The Idaho 10, particularly Laura Silsby, intended to profit from their adventures in Hispaniola. The straw registrants for the potential orphanage are key. They were to be the conduit for masking Silsby’s identity and moving money back and forth among Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the United States. Silsby planned all of this herself, having experience with shell games in the process of hiding her assets from creditors she owes at least $2 million in the U.S. The Haitian children were to be products in her latest business.

  8. Front Page of Jorge es Inocente.com

    It is Global knowledge

    that Mr. Jorge Anibal Torres Puello after risking his life to help the missionaries from the U.S. in Haiti, was recognized by the authorities of El Salvador and the United States as a fugitive sought by these governments.

    Many allegations have resulted from this event, and Mr. Torres has not been able to give details or explain his version. This page on the internet was created to inform the world of what really happened!

    His mother has told stories of Mr. Torres’s birth up until his disappearance. In these internet pages you will find irrefutable proof that Mr. Torres is innocent of all charges that he has been accused of. These pages will demonstrate to the world that the United States Government, knowingly and in an arbitrary and illegal manner, has been involved in all that has happened in his life to this day.

    The actions of Mr. Torres are the creation and manipulation of the Government of the United States, and are evidence of discrimination against Hispanics in this racist and inhumane nation.
    The nation of El Salvador has contributed to the United States government’s actions in building a politically motivated case against Mr. Torres.

    We hope that, with all of this information, you as a reader will understand the miserable life this person has suffered during his 32 years of life up to now.

    You be the judge.
    Thank you.

  9. Jorge es Inocente. com
    Biography Page

    Jorge Anibal Torres Puello was born on 15 October 1977. In the Hospital Saint John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers City, Westchester County New York.
    He is the son of a marriage between Ana Rita Soledad Puello LĂłpez, a citicen of the Dominican Republic, the U.S. and Switzerland, and George Torres, an American citizen, born in the village of Lares, Puerto Rico, USA

    When he was very young, his mother separated from his father in order to get work, and he went to live with his grandparents, Mrs. Maria Ramona Lopez Saldana, a Dominican and US citizen, and Mr. Manuel Puello Castro, a Dominican, in the city of Santo Domingo de Guzman, Dominican Republic. They lived as a family on Avenida Duarte 363, Eixample Luperon, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

    After the death of his grandfather, Mr. Manuel Puello Castro, Mrs. MarĂ­a Ramona Lopez Saldana took her grandson to live in the territory of Puerto Rico in the United States, at hourse F33 in the housing complex Puerta de Tierras, in San Juan, PR 00901.

    After much hard work, she had a shop and restaurant called El Posito Dulce at 755 San Juan St., Santurce, Puerto Rico. 00907. This shop allowed her to afford an education for her grandson, who studied at these schools: Segundo Ruiz Belvis on Avenida Fernandez, Juncos esq, San Juan St. (His teacher then was Mrs Cuadrado, who was the same teacher in the previous school) and later at San Agustin school in Ponce de Leon Avenue in the area of Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was the school where he also served as the treasurer of the student council.

    In 1991, he was sent, at the request of his mother, to Switzerland, where she lived at the time, in the village of Weite, Sargans, Switzerland. In 1992 the family moved to the city of Buchs, St. Gallen, where she owned a used tire collection company which collected tires and then sent them to be sold in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

    In this city, they lived at 25 Banhoff Strasse, on the second floor. The first floor was the business of Ana Rita Lopez Soledad Puello’s second husband, Mr. Franco Cerminara. He owned a clothing store called Venetton.

    In 1993, the family decided to move to the city of North Bay Village in Miami FL, U.S., and started the company Italia Export, Inc.

  10. I am amused that Jorge Puello is now claiming to be victimized because of racism against people of color. Puello being able to pass for white has played a considerable role in his being able to gain the trust of people like The Idaho 10. Note that they preferred him to the list of identifiably black Haitian lawyers the U.S. embassy recommended. Nor do I think Puello’s passages from place to place would have been so easy if the fair-skinned, brown-haired, blue-eyed man looked more like his brown-skinned mother.

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