Lately, Bastardette, has been derelict in blogitating. While agit-prop is fun (most of the time) I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time this past week researching, writing and tweaking testimony for some upcoming legislation. I’ll keep this eloquent gem under wraps until it’s actually submitted. We don’t want to give the enemy a heads up, do we?

Over the next week I’ll try to catch up on some half-written bloviations and get back to a modicum of regular posting.

Starting off– this comes under the heading of “just when you think it can’t get any worse.”

North Carolina media reported yesterday the discovery of two dead newborns, one in Rocky Mount the other in Warsaw. Officials, of course, are “stunned” that “young desperate mothers” aren’t using the state’s “safe surrender” law. WRAL (print and video) reporter Christi Lowe says either “not enough women know about the law — or if they do, they’re not using it.” Try Door #2, Christi.

Here’s what stuns the unstunnable Bastardette: Social worker Regina Wesley tells Lowe that she and other social workers at the Cumberland County Health Department counsel every woman who comes in for a pregnancy test about safe havens. Does she also counsel them on how to locate local abortion providers? This is North Carolina. Why do I think not? (Bastardette once lived in Jax).

Miss Regina rattles on, “People need to know there is a safe solution to leaving your baby or killing your baby.”

Has neglect, abuse, and murder become the default for North Carolina mothers? Are women who avail themselves to pubic services a suspect class? Are all women child killers at heart? I guess so if you work for the Cumberland County Health Department.

Can there be anything more insulting and demeaning for a just-informed mom-to-be than to be lectured by a state-paid social worker (or should I use the anti-adoptionst term “social wrecker”?) on the ins and outs of “legal” baby abandonment. “Don’t worry about a thing, dear. We know you’ll want to kill your baybee once its here, but you can save yourself the trouble– and a possibly long vacation at NCCIW –by anonymously abandoning your the little tyke to a ‘responsible person’–preferably at a hospital fire station or police department. Or me! Here, take this flyer that explains it all. Give me a call if you have any questions. “

Why is teaching women how to abandon their children an acceptable government practice?

I know. If it saves just one….


  1. Christ on Toast with peanut butter and jelly.

    What about advising women of abortion services? What about advising women of services that might help them parent? What about advising women of adoption services?

    Is SH all these idiots can think about?

    I fear for our nation.

  2. What’s the surprise? This agenda has been part and parcel of the SH cause since its inception.

    I suspect that the only service which might give a woman a complete listing of her options is Planned Parenthood or another providing relatively honest birth control and pregnancy counseling.

    Which leads me to this: if publicity was all that was needed to solve a problem, we would have ended undesired pregnancies decades ago.

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