An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop.

Recently baby dump pimps in North Carolina have been sticking up posters around middle and high schools encouraging pregnant teens to anonymously “safe haven” their newborns. Here’s an article accompanied by a picture of their latest effort.

Brenda Edwards, program manager with the North Carolina Divison of Public Health’s Children and youth branch says “safe havens” are the last option. “If other options do not work for them, they do have this option rather than killing the infant or abandoning the infant.” Hmmm, let’s see, abandon? kill? or “legally” dump? Tylenol? Bayer? Alieve? Coke? Pepsi? Dr. Pepper? What’s a girl to do?

Laura O’Neal, director of the Nash County Department of Social Services continues this consumerist claptrap. “We’re trying to get where people are aware of this as an option as well as a much better choice” To help teens and “desperate women” make the “right choice” the department is also working to get baby dump info in movie theatres and on billboards.

Strangely neither apparatchiks, whose agencies are ostensibly concerned with the health and welfare of children AND women (dads don’t count) throws off a whiff of concern about the medical and psychological consequences of “legal” baby abandonment.

If it kills just one….

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