New Figure: 666 Kids Stranded in US when families are deported without them

A Central American migrant girl holds a book as other migrants travelling in a caravan, climb the … [+] (GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES)

Tonight I planned to write about Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness’ latest foray into adoptafuckery, pissing and moaning and then moaning and pissing some more about how horribly difficult and frustrating it is to find Australian adoptee stock. Alas! When I returned to the article to do a cut-and-paste, I discovered it under hostage behind a paywall, which most definitely was not there earlier today. The Sydney Daily Telegraph demands a 12-week subscription ransom to release it; Hmm, no thanks. Hugh and Deborra-Lee aren’t worth it.

I did, however, find something more disgusting and dangerous than the Jackmans.

According to NBC News, more free-floating parents and family members dis-unioned in Trump’s border concentration camps and probably deported without their children back to their “shithole countries” have gone missing from the ICE ledger. The number of children disenfranchised (or should say stolen)? from their families has jumped from 545 in October to an appropriate and ominous 666 today.

129 of the 666 children were under the age of 5 when they were separated from their families.

What’s going on?

Steven Herzog, the attorney leading efforts to reunite the families, explains that the number is higher because the new group includes those “for whom the government did not provide any phone number.”

Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project, explained to NBC News that the new number “includes individuals in addition to 545 for whom we got no information from government that would allow meaningful searches but are hopeful the government will now provide with that information.”

I wouldn’t count on it. Because MAGA

When I was growing up my dad was the Assistant Chief Engineer at the EW Bliss Company in Canton, Ohio. He designed big presses—real big. I’m sure they had more specific names, but I only know they were presses. One time 50  brand new presses were shipped by rail, but only 1 arrived at the destination. The railroad had misplaced 49 others. How does this happen? How do you misplace 666 asylum seekers? How does this happen?

I believe the presses were eventually located at some dusty backwater, all by their lonesome, nicely crated and sealed. I’m betting nobody outside of ACLU lawyers handling these cases and other immigrant and children’s rights advocates are going to look very hard for the Trump 666.

The adoption block isn’t far behind. Perhaps the kids could be sent off to the Jackmans for distribution.


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