Nebraska media reports that two 12-year old boys were dropped off at hospitals in Lincoln and Omaha over the weekend.

Police in Lincoln say a 51-year old woman dumped off her grandson at Brian LGH West Sunday evening, saying she “could no longer take care of him.” She regained custody of the boy last month.

Lincoln police chief Tom Casady, appears to be one of the few sane “official” voices in the face of the state-sanctioned and encouraged child abandonment epidemic:

It provides an opportunity to drop the child off without any kind of negative consequence and I think there are plenty of people who will take advantage of that I’m rather surprised that the Legislatures [sic] didn’t see this coming because I can assure you that everyone at the police department saw it coming.

Casady believes more kids are on the way.

Another 12-year old boy was left at the lead dump site, Immanuel Medical Center in Omaha, but no details have been released.

Here’s the revised dumpee roster:

September 1: Male 14–left by mother at Omaha police station. Currently in foster care.

September 13: Male 11–left by grandmother–another report says mother–at Immanuel Medical Center, Omaha; currently in foster care and partial hospitalization.

September 13: Male 15–left by guardian aunt at Bryant Medical Center West, Lincoln.

September 20: Pregnant female 13 left by mother at Immanuel Medical Center, Omaha. Returned to mother–see below.

September 22: Male 18, turned himself in to hospital in Grand Island; too old for foster care, but can receive services.

September 24: 9 siblings, 1-17 (left by father, Gary Staton, at Creighton University Medical Center ER).

  • female, 1
  • male, 6
  • male, 7
  • female, 9
  • male, 11
  • female 13
  • female 14,
  • male, 15
  • male 17

    An 18-year old sister who does not live at home was not abandoned. All these children are now in foster care and several relatives have requested custody Background checks are underway here and here. Go here and here for video of home and neighbors.

September 24: Male 11–left at Immanuel Medical Center, Omaha.

September 24, Male 15–left by guardian uncle at Immanuel Medical Center, Omaha; uncle plans to relinquish guardianship.

October 5: Male 12–left by guardian grandmother at Brian LGH West, Lincoln

October 5: Male 12–left at Immanuel Medical Center, Omaha

According to KCAU-TV, Sioux City:

While they cannot be charged for abandoning a child, parents and guardians using Nebraska’s “safe haven” law can be charged for other offenses. Courts are also likely to require parents and guardians to participate in parenting classes, family therapy, conflict resolution or other services in an effort to reunite youth with their families. Child support payments may be ordered while children are in state custody.


The Staton situation has taken twists and turns and I’ll be writing on that separately later.

Please be sure to read the blog directly below for NCFA president Tom Atwood’s take on the Nebraska Fiasco. While stand-alone, they now link to increasingly bizarre activities in that state.


  1. It’s sad that Nebraska legislators did not have enough foresight to realize what they were setting in motion. And of course Atwood doesn’t approve, these children are not adoptable.

  2. I think this action has back-fired on the adoption lobby, Atwood and everyone else in the mix, big time. Whever drafted that little poorly-worded piece of legislation is probably in hiding. “Golly,” said she (tongue in cheek). “Where are all the nice little newborns we asked for?”

    These poor kids. 🙁

  3. The SH law doesn’t cause the problem, it reveals the problem: Families that desperately need help and don’t get it. Yeah, change the Nebraska law. Roll the carpet back in place so we don’t have to look at the desperation beneath.

    – RKB

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