Yesterday (August 18) Box Butte County Judge Charles Plantz dismissed the Baby Boy Ana/Baby Box Butte case; thus affirming his earlier decision to return the baby to his family permanently. According to a statement by Todd Recklng director of the Nebraska Division of Children and Family Service, all parties to the case agreed to the dismissal.

Reckling’s statement is not posted on the DFS Safe Haven or DFS press release page. News reports, however, say that the parents, whose names remain confidential, will continue to work voluntarily with the department. The statement does not say what services they will use.

Baby Boy Ana is the first infant dropped off under Nebraska’s “new and improved” baby dump law. We hope he is the last. The easiest way to follow this case is through reading Children of the Corn.

If any more news on this case surfaces, we’ll keep you updated. The most detailed account of yesterday’s hearing (so far) can be found at the Fremont Tribune.

Welcome home, Baby Boy Ana!

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