This is pathetic.

I went away for the weekend, and when I returned we were hit by the tail-end of Hurricane Ike. The power went out twice and the third time it stayed out–until last night.

Oh the horror! No Internet! No carping, kvetching. No BS. No Obama and McCain. No AIG. No Seattle Mutual. No Lehman Brothers. No Iraq and Iran. No Sarah Palin and all her dysfunctional other Palins. (OH NO!) And best of all…no adoption, and no wacky Nebraska ill-behaved adolescent dumps.

The Bad Cats, resentful, were forced to entertain themselves chasing grasshoppers and snooping through my neighbor’s porch since they had no keyboard to dither across, no blogs to erase.

By sunlight I read Mistress of the Vatican and by candlelight The Ellery Queen Omnibus.

And I cleaned.

Walking through my neighborhood last night, candles flickering in windows, folks cooking outdoor, reading aloud to each other (something that sounded peculiarly Roger de Coverleyish)… before the return of modernity…

Life was genuine. Authentic.

Life was not AdoptionLand.


  1. Makes ya kinda wish we had just skipped the Industrial Revolution and gone straight to women’s rights and civil rights for all. I have always maintained that our rapid technological evolution is in the hands of a species that has not evolved socially or spiritually enough to handle it.

  2. Well, the electric just went out again, so I may be living back in Ruritania again soon.

    I’m old enough to remember life before Internet, which was much more peaceful and pleasant. I’d have my doctorate ow if the Internet hand’ ruined my life And yes, I take no responsibility. I can’t help it I’ adopted.

  3. Hi Marley,

    I think that was great time in your life!

    We all needs break from all the news and world’s problems – just to stop for a second to enjoy ourselves and think about our life. Or to stop and smell roses how Kyle likes to say :).

    Best wishes,
    Svet and Kyle

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