This evening I received a series of posts to The Daily Bastardette from “Yoram” purporting to be Jorge Torres Puello. I have verified that the posts came from OneMax, an ISP in the Dominican Republic, which one of our commenters determined earlier was connected to Torres Puello. My Site Meter also indicates the posts came from DR and the time matches perfectly with the posting times. Since these posts were intended to be comments, I will post them as comments, but am also posting them here in separate blogs–one for each post. I am releasing them in the order they were sent (1-7 top to bottom.) These “comments” will also be posted on my other site End Child Exportation and Trafficking of Children in Haiti.

What I find so..well, interesting about these posts is that 95% (or more) pertain to the writer proving his Jewish, not his innocence of the crimes for which he is accused.

I will comment on these later, but I wanted to get them up now.

Below is post #1.

Message 1: February 18, 2010 4:55:09PM

Yoram has left a new comment on your post “WHO IS JORGE PUELLO, PT 2: JUMPING DOWN THE RABBIT…“:

I am open to answer any question you have on me about my Yiddishkite, or anything
my e-mail is [email protected] , I am not affraid to answer all you question and give you proof!!!!

Posted by: Jorge Torres Puello | February 18, 2010 at 02:32 PM

1. My Mothers mother is Swiss, her name is Miriam Rosental. And during the Shoach she moved to the DR and her name was changed by Trujillo for political reasons to Maria.She married my Grand Father Mannuel Puello a beirut Jew who moved to the Dominican Republic.


3. After all my troubles I decided to do Baal Shuva and with the Help of a Montreal Rabbi I returned to the Jewish Community.

4. I never choose the life I had, I never made any money with any B´nei Anous, the story that you dont know is that I Gave more than US$600,000 to help others return to Judaism. ALL MY MONEY.

5. In Canada while working undercover for the US Gov. The government never told the Canadian that they were conducting an investigation ilegaly inside Canadian Soil, I get trap in to this mess. I WAS RELEASE AFTER BEEN ILEGALY DETAINED IN PRISON FOR AN EXTRADITION TO THE U.S.

read it your self.

My mother has never been religious and she married on her secon marriage a chatolic man. (That don´t take away my jewishness)

The reason Rabbi Perlman and Isaac Rudman don like me is because they dont like poor jews, and the b´nei anous had no money. (Like Hashem choosed only rich people when our father Abraham Abinu times)

The Mohel who did my sons bris was an ultra orthodox jew ISRAEL HELLER from New York, some one recomended by Rabbi Perlman´s boss Rabbi Zarchi from Chabad Puerto Rico.

Kulanu never sent me a dime, if you go to their web site in the news letter you will find more news about the community, and the forest foundation send some help for Chanukka when I built the biggest Chanukkia in dominican history.

As for the charges in El Salvador I am being extorted, I was not even there when in the span of the time when the crime was committed.

If you need more let me know


P.S. Yoram is in the book of Kings. Not a new israeli name.

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  1. Wow.

    “Jewdaism”?? I guess that could be explained by English being his second (or third) language.

    I somehow doubt it could be anyone else but him…who would bother to do such a thing?

  2. Wow. Just wow. You have done an amazing job. And, have evidentially struck a nerve.

    Here is an interview with Puello’s wife Ana Josefa Ramirez Orellana dated February 18, 2010. I’ve highlighted some of the more interesting statements from the article in the second post.

    Wife of Torres Puello it engages in child prostitution case


    The wife of Jorge Anibal Torres Puello, the alleged lawyer who is at the center of a scandal involving U.S. missionaries accused of the alleged abduction of Haitian children, blamed her husband for a case of child prostitution in El Salvador.

    Ana Josefa Ramirez Orellana, who was arrested in this city in May on charges of participating in a network that recruited Nicaraguan girls for prostitution, told El Nuevo Herald that she is innocent and said Torres, 32, as the culprit.

    “When I was arrested [I learned] to the victims, I realized they were prostituted by him [Torres] and her lover,”said Ramirez, who is being held in the field of Maternal and Child Rehabilitation Center for Women Ilopango, seven kilometers from the capital.

    “I blame all this in Jorge Torres, my husband, because he involved me in all this without,”Ramirez said while clutching a baby of four months, daughter of Torres.

    The couple has five children.

    A judge in El Salvador Torres ordered the arrest last week in connection with the case of three minors and two Dominican Nicaraguan adults who have been forced to pose naked in order to provide “company”through the Internet.

    A person identifying himself as a friend and legal adviser to Thompson, said he would get a statement from the lawyer this, but on Wednesday night had not finalized the interview.

    In a gentle tone, Ramirez, 33, admitted he knew that Torres had a history of trouble with the law and that Canada was accused of “illegal transportation”for which he was imprisoned.

    The Salvadoran woman said she has not had contact with her husband since May when she was arrested, and therefore know how he contacted the group of missionaries who was arrested while trying to leave Haiti with 33 children three weeks ago.

    The Baptist missionaries have argued that it was a humanitarian.

    Ramirez Torres’s second wife, admitted he met in his house in a village near the capital, two girls Nicaraguans who introduced him, saying they were looking for work. He explained that upset by the presence of minors and left the house, which Torres interpreted as a reaction of jealousy exacerbated because Ramirez was pregnant.

    Then he suggested that Thompson hired as employees of the service under his house, he said, which she declined. The second and last time I saw them was when he accompanied his towers to bring them to a bus station to return to Nicaragua, he said.

    Once at the station, the girls contacted the police and accused the members of the alleged prostitution ring.

    San Salvador was a station over a random path of Torres marked by harassment of law. Some of the episodes of his life, Ramirez said, she ignored them.

    “It’s not the man I know, the one I met is completely the opposite of all charges,”he said.

    ~continue to next post~

  3. ~continued from previous post~

    The couple met in mid-1996 in Canada, where she lived. He was sold appliances.

    In that country, Torres faced an extradition request from the United States for a federal case in Philadelphia.

    According to court documents, Torres appeared at the Commonwealth Bank in September 1997 and opened a foreign exchange account under the name of George Boyd. There was a card with a Social Security number is not issued. He was charged with bank fraud.

    Two years later, on 11 November 1999, was arrested in Miami to present an identification card that he obtained after giving Social Security numbers on behalf of Kam P. Tam, a dead person, according to the complaint of the Miami Police Department.

    According to Ramirez, Torres began to profess Judaism by teachings he received in prison in Canada.

    “We had problems because he forced me to do things [rites] with which I disagreed,”widened.

    The files are Florida corporations that Torres created in Miami in March last year, the Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of America, Inc. with address at Doral.

    A follower of the movement that El Nuevo Herald contacted and asked not to be named said the movement’s goal is to return the Jews to Christianity forced back to their Jewish roots […] It is a struggle of more than 500 years .”

    He added that besides seeking to “do good and help the poor and needy.”

    Between 2000 and 2006 the couple lived in Canada, where she managed a small market and restaurant, said Ramirez. Then they were in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, where they had an Internet cafe. Finally, they settled in El Salvador where they set up a workshop gas conversion systems and Torres turned to make tours in Central America in a van.

    Do you know very well to Torres?, Asked Ramírez El Nuevo Herald?

    “Right now – said – I doubt it.”

  4. Check out the spelling on the Casa de Estudios Nidhe Israel site. Click on Dominican Republic and you’ll get to it. Then click on “objectives” You’ll see the same spelling. There has been conjecture that Casa de Estudios is connected to Puello. I have no idea.

  5. Huh. You’re right about that spelling. His English is so irregular it looks practically impossible to fake or imitate.

    Well, Yoram, you’re really Jewish and all, but, can you turn yourself in now? KTHX!

  6. Yoram loves to screw around with identity. If you notice, lots of his crimes have been about identity papers, forgery, reinvention, detc. Coming to the rescue of the Silsby wench whose been accused of trying to smuggle kids across the border into her dude orphanage is the ultimate identity scrubbing caper.

  7. I wonder how much of his obsessive posting in trying to prove his Jewishness is also an attempt to appeal to those who might feel obligated to help him.

  8. So now he claims Jewish heritage through his maternal grandmother.
    Up to last week, when he was outed, he said he was a direct descendant of Luis de Torres…

    Last week, he said he had never been to El Salvador.

    Diagnosis: a compulsive liar.

  9. It seems that everywhere he “speaks” he tells a slightly altered tale. If he is so easily pinned down and outed as he has been here, he must not be a very successful con man. I wonder how hard Silsby is denying any connection with Puello?

  10. Anon Guy said…

    I wonder how much of his obsessive posting in trying to prove his Jewishness is also an attempt to appeal to those who might feel obligated to help him.

    Yes. Perhaps he did a job for them in setting up Silsby to take the heat away from them and now that his cover has been blown, he’s being hung out to dry by his Ashkenazi ‘friends’. And he’s squealing like a stuck pig.

  11. I don’t think Silsby ever intended on returning to the U.S. I mean, she’s establishing an orphanage, and she wants 100 to 200 kids…Who was she planning on handing this orphanage over to, when she left to go back to her own children? When I look at her financial records, foreclosure, impending court dates, etc, her staying there makes even more sense.

    She’s got nine other people with her, all who were intending on returning to their lives in the U.S. Who was going to help her take care of the orphans? Did she have help lined up? If so, it would be interesting to talk with them. If they were Dominican, their backgrounds ought to be sifted with a fine tooth comb.

    Oh, and the fact that her children’s passports were taken by the court also makes me think other people suspected she would not be returning…

  12. The plan was to set up the “orphanage” and teams and volunteer teams of missionaries from the church(s) would come down for 3-4 weeks at a time to take care of it until it was all set up. The idea of long-term dedicated trained missionaries who know the language and culture is long gone. We now have missionary tourism where you can go off for a month and come back home and say you’re a missionary.

    I have no idea what in the world was in Silsby head. She knows nothing about child welfare, orphange management, adoption, Spanish, French, Creole, etc. I guess God would show the way. I believe it was her nutty minister who said that she didn’t have to know anything because “she’s a mother.”

    Silsby is a very complex person. Ive been following people like this for 40 years and have written about them for the last 5 or 6. You would not believe the wingnuts I’ve hung out with. In many ways she’s typical, but still over the top. I have several pieces started on some of this, but they were put on the backburner with the Jorge stuff. I hope to get back on them soon.

    Adoption = conversion for these people. The theology of adoption could be said to run the adoption industry in the US (that and greed. And international adoption is as corrupt as it gets Sealed adoption records, anonymous “safe haven” baby dumps mean nothing to them because we are all the adopted children of God. (That’s a very simplified version) So what difference does it make if the kid loses his/her name, and history as long as it’s “saved” from whatever the do-gooders want to save it from And it’s all tied up with abortion, too.

    I’m beginning to think that Silsby and Puello had no prior relationship. They just stepped into each other’s shit. A match made in heaven. What the hell he was doing, though, is a fascinating question. Anyway, there are a couple other people to look into who did have a prior relationship.

  13. Very interesting new info, or I haven’t heard it before.

    On Jan. 8 – four days before the catastrophic quake – she registered the name for the orphanage she planned to build in the Dominican Republic: New Dominican Life Children’s Refuge. It was registered to two U.S. citizens who live in the Dominican Republic, who could not immediately be reached for comment.
    The plot thickens.

    And those “two” are?

    Has this been revealed before?

  14. DB, this whole mess has brought to light the questionable practices of international adoption, which have probably not occurred to people unless they are connected to the world of adoption in some way. That includes me.

    It had always bothered me when I heard about religious adoptions–the whole idea of “saving” a poor child who had no future. I’ve felt that the money poured into adoption (if someone really wanted to make a difference in the world)could be better spent on improving conditions in the child’s home country.

    As I see fertility problems increase in industrialized nations, I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about wealthy industrial families adopting poor children from developing countries. These developing countries essentially becoming infant supply sites.

    I am beginning to feel like adoption from developing nations is, perhaps, a bit self-serving on the part of the adopting nations.

    Anyway, I hope this whole fiasco helps open more eyes to what is going on in the name of religion and adoptions.

  15. My family never practice Jewdaism

    Nor spelling, it would seem (in any language).

    the story that you dont know is that I Gave more than US$600,000 to help others return to Judaism. ALL MY MONEY.

    The reason Rabbi Perlman and Isaac Rudman don like me is because they dont like poor jews, and the b´nei anous had no money.

    So is he telling us he gave these huge sums away, leaving himself impoverished? That would make him pretty popular with whatever Jewish organizations he gave it to. Funny that none of them are coming to his defense . . .

  16. BD the WP Post didn’t give the “two’s” names. Can we be sure it was the real estate agents she registered her whatever you want to call her org. there to? Is that reported anywhere? Karl Penhaul had a copy of the articles of incorporation waving them around, did he say anything about this? There is more than obviously an embargo on a whole lot of information coming out in the press.

  17. Robin: I was just throwing out Chenvert and Hildago as possibilities. I don’t know. So much of this is being kept a big secret. It seems to me everybody is focusing on Puello (who granted is eccentric) that nothing else is being investigated or at least released. I’m beginning to think that Puello is a diversion (planned or unplanned) for something much more interesting. Or darker? Puelllo definitely has and is his own set of problems, but what if he really had no “relationship” with Silsby & Co? outside of 15 minutes of fame. He’s basically a scam artist (even trafficking is about scamming) who was milking the dumb cluck Idahoans. There’s a lot more going on.

  18. Karl Penhaul had a copy of the articles of incorporation waving them around, did he say anything about this?

    Is it possible that the document Karl Penhaul had was for the hotel/temporary orphange?

    Penhaul had the Articles of Constitution for “Nuevo Refugio Se Nino Nueva Vida” (New Life Children’s Refuge in the Dominican Republic). He said it was set up legally as a non-profit 6 days after the earthquake, which would make the date January 18, 2010.

    He could have misread the date and it was actually January 8, 2010.


    KARL PENHAUL, CNN VIDEO CORRESPONDENT: Well, Anderson, I thought you might like to see this. These documents here are what they call the Articles of Constitution. It says the legal papers to set up a non- profit called the “Nuevo Refugio Se Nino Nueva Vida” (ph), the New Life Children’s Refuge in the Dominican Republic.

    And I thought particular would be interested here, Article 4 of that legal document, the Mission Statement. And that sets out what they plan to do at that orphanage.

    First point among the points: to give an environment of Christian love to the children but also to set up adoption programs.

    Now, of course, this goes to the core of Laura Silsby’s intentions. To me when I met her three times in jail each time she denied any plans for adoption for these kids. When I specifically tried to clarify that with a question, I said to her, “So is it correct to say you do not plan to send these kids into adoption?”

    This is what she replied to me.


    SILSBY: We specifically chose this location and with the intentions of building the school right on the heels of it so we could actually have a place where they could stay long term for the rest of their, you know, their childhood for sure. And actually even be nearby should there be some distant relatives that want to continue to have contact and communication with them.


    PENHAUL: So she tells me that she planned to let the kids last out their youth, grow up in that orphanage. She told the parents as you say that they could go and visit their kids because they would always be there. But this mission statement says otherwise. It says that the orphanage planned to run adoption programs.

    The other thing that’s interesting about this document, Anderson, this New Life Children’s Orphanage in Dominican Republic was created legally as a non-profit six days after the earthquake.

    COOPER: So let me just get this straight. She has been saying all along that the kids would — that she took from Haiti would be — would grow up in the Dominican Republic, could be visited by their loved ones. That’s clearly not what it says in the mission statement of this orphanage; an orphanage which doesn’t actually even exist.

    They have a lease on a motel but it’s not as if they have teachers in place, that they have a system in place, right? I mean, they basically had a facility that I guess they’ve rented that they were showing pictures of as their orphanage, but it’s not like they were actually set up to care for kids, right?

    PENHAUL: You’re absolutely right. They sorted out a six-month lease on that hotel; a 45-bedroom hotel at the very last minute. Six days after the earthquake, again, at the very last minute they set up the legal — the legal framework for that orphanage.

    And as far as we can tell the only thing that they really had in place at that orphanage for these kids was some secondhand stuffed toys and some secondhand clothes. That, because we sent a camera crew there, just after they were arrested — Anderson.

  19. DB, thank you for the link to Baby Love Child.
    I had not seen that blog yet! New information. At least new to me.

    Answers some of my questions…there were three other Baptists IN Dominican Rep. making arrangements to take care of the orphans the ten were rounding up. The blog also supports the original 40 kids did exist, and parses out how the detained 10 skirted around those 40 kids, while still talking about the officer who said they couldn’t do what they were doing and sent them to the gov’t to get paperwork.

    Anyway, very interesting site.

  20. The AP reported a January 8 incorporation date as well. It would make a great case if the 18th were the correct date, but I think that is wrong, unless there is a typo in the DR database, which I sort of doubt. I’d love to have a copy of the papers themselves. I’d love to have a copy of the papers themselves. I work with public records a lot, and it does happen, but it’s very rare, at least in Ohio, and that’s basically pre computer.

    Silsby incorporated in Idaho on November 25, 2009.

    I wonder if they have board insurance I doubt it. Board insurance is rather pricey and usually covers suits from disgrunted employees (note to Personal Shopper workers) but it can also cover outside claims. Without board insurance, individual board members can be held financialy liable in a suit What’s to stop some donor or “normal” person, or even one of the missionaries (doubtful) to sue? But you know what they say about turnips. Anyway, the missionaries are clearly back into the pack mentality if defending Miss. Laura, at least in public.

  21. This is all I can come up with as far as the non-profit registration of New Life Children’s Refuge. There may be more if one registers and pays for that information.

    On the right (under Herramientas) click on Marcas y Nombres;

    Drop down Signo Distintivo menu to Nombre Comercial;

    Choose Texto;


    This should bring up the non-profit and cert. no. then click on mas info.

  22. Oh wait a minute, I erred. It worked but this is what I got:

    Su búsqueda no retornó resultados.

    (from my high school Spanish)

    Your search has no returned results.

  23. It seems to be quirky. I tried it last night and it took several times to work. It worked for me again this morning. I just tried it again and it didn’t work, but after 5 tries it did.

  24. It goes without saying that this is one very disturbed man.

    Clearly, our previous comments relating to his claims of Judaism hit a very sore point. Rather than address his involvement in nefarious crimes, these ranting and rambling posts–which were cut and pasted to several other sites as well– deal primarily with attempts to prove his birthright.

    Cutting and pasting English translations of Hebrew scriptures does not make one a “real Jew.” A person who abandons his family, his young children is not a “good Jew.” A person who has led a life of crime is not a “good Jew.” A so-called, unnamed jailhouse Rabbi in Montreal does not magically transform an imprisoned Catholic man into a Jew, nor does “membership in the world’s oldest synagogue.” Adopting the names “Yoram” and “Migdal” (a tower, high-rise building) does not make one a Jew.

    The Rabbis in Israel who run the “Who is a Jew” council would not qualify Mr Jorge Torres/ Mr Yoram Migdal (et al) as a Jew, much to his chagrin. This one of many identities, the identity that seems all-important, will continue to elude him.

  25. I have read several comments, one in the Toronto Globe and Mail, referring to this story as a wake-up call to the questionable nature of international adoption. When people who are part of the adoption industry start asking questions and making critcisms, then something is starting to really stink. I wonder how many fundie orphan savers and 3rd world baby-brokers are rushing to cover their rear ends?

  26. Two articles in the Christian Post. So Allen the Baptist welder says that he thought they had the paperwork, and no he didn’t read it, but he watched them writing things down as each child got on the bus, and he watched the pastor sign it.

    Allen also says that they thought the children were orphans, and they didn’t know they had living parents.

    In another article, Shakleford, part of Allen’s legal team, said, “They were arrested not at the border; they were arrested in the middle of Haiti asking for the paperwork they needed,” claiming that the bus was on its way back to Port au Prince to make sure they had the paperwork. Hmmm. Article here

  27. Why would anyone want to steal Haitis future, which is their children? Those church workers wanted to help alright, they wanted to help themselves to the kids. What happened? Americans used to be the good guys.

  28. Very good link, Robin. Have you ever tried to untangle a fine jewelry chain that got thrown in a box? This is what this guy’s history reminds me of…so snarled and tangled we may never get the real, complete story.

    And merrymico…These people will lie in the name of their fundie religion with impunity…if they think it will advance their cause.

  29. BD brought up their plan to utilize short term missionaries as the labor force to care for the kids in the rented hotel structure until their more premanent digs might materialize (supposedly within 6 months, if ever.)

    Mind you, we’re talking about a fully volunteer micro-short term set of missionary tourists, some perhaps in for as little as a two week shift to do full time ‘care’/warehousing of “up to 150 children, from infants to 12 years old.”

    I wrote about the specifics of their plan a while back, it’s actually one of the most amazing aspects of their outlined “mission.”

    Quoting just a little of what I wrote:

    “Then one of the most shocking details of the plan hides tucked down in the next paragraph which I will quote in full:

    Team Needed: NLCR is praying and seeking people who have a heart for God and a desire to share God’s love with these precious children, helping them heal and find new life in Christ. Please prayerfully consider a 2 week or longer mission trip to help NLCR provide rotating staffing for the care of the children over the next 6 months.

    Yup, you read that right, basically putting out the call for missionaries, Joe and Jane average who want to help the kids “find a new life in christ,” to head down to the Dominican Republic for a stint as short as perhaps a mere two weeks. I.E. Missionary tourism at its best.

    They hoped to find enough volunteers in two week rotations to fill out the next 6 months until they could move into the next phase of possibly building their little pipe dream.

    So what if volunteer missionaries didn’t show up? What if the funding didn’t come through?

    Well, then you’ve a got a pile of Haitian kids stuffed into a hotel with the rent coming due.

    This is exactly the kind of unlicensed, unstaffed, missionary “orphanage” nonsense Haiti was saddled with long before the quake.

    Ah missionary tourists as untrained as these fools, in for a two week stint of changing diapers and preaching jesus.

    Apparently that was someone’s sick joke of an idea of ‘stability’ and a “loving environment” for kids who at this point have already been traumatized and suffered loss on a scale almost unimaginable.

  30. I think Jose Hidalgo is also a pastor

    Decree no. 527-06 que ratifica el Consejo para el Desarrollo de la Provincia Mons. Nouel 527-06 to ratify the Council for the Development of Mons Nouel Province
    Sunday, 14 February 2010 21:00 Alexis Rosario Sunday, 14 February 2010 21:00 Alexis Rosario
    E-mail Print PDF

    Dec. No. 527-06 que ratifica el Consejo para el Desarrollo de la Provincia Monseñor Nouel, juramentado el 23 de agosto de 2006 y crea e integra la Comisión Ejecutiva responsable de ejecutar las estratetegias de desarrollo y evaluar los proyectos emanados de dicho consejo Dec. No. 527-06 to ratify the Council for the Development of the Catholic Church, sworn on 23 August 2006 creates and integrates the Executive Committee responsible for running estratetegias development and evaluation of projects emanating from the council

    – Pastor Jose Hidalgo, on behalf of the Development Council of Maimon

  31. Sorry, I’m on information overload and trying to keep it all straight.

    Haiti Vox also has him as a pastor

    Such a trip could take days to plan and longer to be carried out, Fleurant said, adding that “We have proof – here! – documents from the Dominican government authorizing the acceptance of the children into this orphanage. And the pastor – Pastor Jose Orlando Hidalgo – of the church that administrates the orphanage has offered to come here and meet with the judge and tell him!”

    Fleurant dismissed questions about the nature of his primary client Silsby’s relationship with Jorge Puello, a Domincan resident and child sex-trafficking suspect, who portrayed himself to be an attorney representing Silsby’s group.

    “There is no connection,” Fleurant bristled. “The truth is Laura Silsby did not even meet Jorge Puello until after she was arrested.”

    But rather than deny reports that Hidalgo’s Domincan orphanage might just be an empty building housing no children and is located in a neighborhood well-known for child sex-trafficking, Fleurant simply suggested such a neighborhood should have an orphanage.

    Ya know, the more I read about this whole thing the darker it gets. I hope no one thinks I am being overly religious, but even if it’s just breathing in, breathing out, clearing your thoughts to concentrate on sending caring loving thoughts to all the children there who are so vulnerable.

    It’s just getting so sordid, so so dark. These are children for God’s sake. Leave them ALONE and stop this prostelyzing, grabbing them away. It’s just WRONG!

  32. I worked on the Google Translation of the Interview from El Mundo that was posted here yesterday. Going to post it here, but it might take a couple posts.

    Diario El Mundo spoke exclusively by telephone, with American Jorge Torres Puello, who is accused of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children in the U.S. and El Salvador respectively.

    The fugitive says he did not engage in any of these activities and is willing to explain it to the authorities.

    In El Salvador, he is charged with three offenses related to sexual freedom against five minors: three Nicaraguan teenagers and two young Dominicans, over 18 years. However, Jorge Torres Puello said he has never participated in such activities. Moreover, said he was willing to surrender to the Salvadoran authorities and be extradited, provided that they ensure his physical safety and basic rights.

    In case he is tried in the District Court of San Juan Opico, La Libertad, he said he is preparing a defense with 50 defense witnesses and other items that attest that when victims say the events occurred he was in Santo Domingo .

  33. You are charged with three counts here. How will you confront the judicial process?
    “I, although I have had a dubious past, have never in my life been involved with anything to do with prostitution, never in my life have I done the many things of which I am accused. Beyond that, I am preparing a super defense and I’m ready to give my defense to El Salvador if they guarantee my physical safety and a fair trial. I have all the documents, and 50 witnesses who will testify that, at the time that the children say I picked them up in Nicaragua, I was not in the region. Apart from that, my Salvadoran passport has all the migratory seals of where I was. At that time, May 14 is the birthday of my mother, and I was with my mother. I have 50 witnesses who are making a sworn statement and are willing to travel to El Salvador to deny everything those girls said. If you read thoroughly the girls’ accusations, they make no sense. I do not need $150, I have sold my house, I’m going to El Salvador with almost $300 thousand for a house that sold in the Dominican Republic, which I can also prove. I don’t need to do something questionable for $150.”

    How will you come to El Salvador?
    “There are two ways I’m thinking this will happen: one of these is that El Salvador will claim my extradition and I will surrender to the authorities once they have it all ready. Or, El Salvador will make a type of note (?), and then guarantee that my physical safety will be protected in El Salvador.

    Are you in the Dominican Republic?
    “No, I find myself now in Central America, hoping that a lawyer I already have working for my case will come to me. I ask that everything I say is as I say it—do not change my words, please.

  34. You say everything the children have said is false …
    – Yes sir! It happened that when I came to the residence, they girls were already there. I did not like this I did not like this, and tried to get good work for them, including with us, but my wife was not in agreement. What happened? I did not like it when they started drinking in the street with men, because that house was not made for that–it was made to help people. Then one of them says that she would avenge me. They have never been in captivity. People in captivity do not have bus tickets for leaving.

    When we interviewed your wife, she said that you took the girls to the bus.
    I took them, so that they would leave because there was nowhere for them and they were creating problems. Apart from that, I was angry because I had left a computer in the house for them to communicate with their relatives because they allegedly did not know where the girls were. They used my computer for other purposes. I was enraged. I picked up the computer and I took it from there because I did not know how they were using it.
    Why do I show up now and didn’t appear before? When this happened, my wife told me that she had problems. I didn’t have a cent, and the next day I spoke to her mother and she told me that my wife was in prison. I asked my family to help me with getting a ticket. I went to the Dominican Republic’s embassy in Guatemala and got paperwork to travel. I returned to the Dominican Republic without a penny. From that time until today I have worked hard to get money without doing anything illegal, in order to start my defense, because I all my accounts in El Salvador were frozen by the government of El Salvador.

    Were you in Nicaragua on May 20?
    “No sir. There are some stamps (in my passport?) that show I was in the Dominican Republic at that time, from May 10 to 25. During this interval I was in South America.

  35. You’re not a Salvadoran?
    “No sir.

    If you aren’t Salvadoran, why did you go to the mayor of Huizucar to obtain a birth certificate and take advantage of a special law to get a passport?
    I asked/hired the lawyer to get me the documents, so I could live in El Salvador. He told me I could do this, with my history, because I was not asking for residency in El Salvador.

    Do you acknowledge that you have a dubious past?
    “Yes, I admit it and I am guilty of that, but not trafficking people, no. Look, one thing I want to clarify: my wife had nothing to do with anything. She is a poor woman who was taken and has spent eight months in prison with absolutely no knowledge of anything, and with five children. This is something illogical in Salvadoran law.

    Why did you abandon your wife, if she had nothing to do with anything? You did not support her while she was being held?
    “I talked to her and she said, “look, they are telling me the car is stolen.” I said, “but how can they say that the car is stolen, call Paul Nasser (former deputy director of Migration) to clarify the situation.” I did support her, but to stay, without being able to communicate with her, and without having any money, not knowing what to do. The only family I had was not in El Salvador but in the Dominican Republic …

    What was your relationship with Nasser?
    “Mr. Paul Nasser is just a friend I met through a foundation that was making a mushroom factory and needed someone to come and teach then how to grow the fungus in Central America.

    Your businesses in El Salvador, what were they?
    “I had a company of introduction of propane—it was legal work, that’s the only thing I did in El Salvador: drive legally. In trying to help people of Armenia, I bought a large lot of land to make a city for the poor in the Hacienda San Leonardo, at kilometer 99 of the highway to Los Naranjos.
    Never in my life have I wished harm on anyone, never in my life has my intention been to earn $150 ill-gotten, because an institution in the United States has sent me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  36. Is the institution you have collaborated with of the church you belong to?
    “There is an entity called Kulam that has been helping me. They even asked me to talk with a rabbi named Aaron Rehberg, who was in Armenia with people who say they are Jews and everyone knows them. You can go to check it, I never ran into anyone, never told anyone do anything illegal. I do not need to do anything illegal to earn my support. The missionaries in Haiti, I am not involved with them. When what happened happened, I felt touched, I risked my life, I took medicine, I brought them food, clothes and took them all the evidence they sought to show the world that they were innocent.

    You posed as their lawyer?
    “No, counselor–a person who speaks for them. We sought two lawyers. Never in my life did I present myself to anyone as a lawyer, or tell anyone I was an attorney. To assist and help these people, I did not need a title, I only needed to stand on the stage. I have looked twice at the law, at the University of the Caribbean in 2000 and 2007. The laws, I more or less understand them a little.

    About the help you have received, is it how you built the church in Miami?
    “In Miami I’ve never had church. That is part of the rumors you hear there … My point is that I worked for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and was in the United States Army from 96 to 2000. There was a mishandling of an investigation where the DEA, when I refused to testify, blackmailed me. If you are looking for the record, I did not deposit any check. In the indictment of 98 I did not deposit any check, and that is only problem I have with the United States. In Miami, I switched the Social Security (number?) when I went to get the license, by mistake. I do not know if I heard it was bad, but that’s the only problem I have. In the United States and Miami was that I switched the Social Security when I went to get the license. This was by mistake, and I do not know if I heard it was bad, but that’s the only problem I have. In the United States and Canada, it happens that I was again working in transportation, which is what I do. Transporting some people from Toronto to Montreal, these people ended up on the other side of the border. What happens? They wanted to get me involved. The judge released me for being illegally detained and I can send the evidence. The story is not like they’re portraying it on the news.

  37. Is your checkered past all due to this bank fraud?
    “My whole life has fallen into a hole because of that. I did not commit bank fraud. I did not take a single cent. I told the bank to call the FBI because this was a DEA investigation. I remained there throughout. A year after 98, when I got arrested in 99, it is the same case, but I was living in Miami. I was taken from Miami to Philadelphia, but it was not a new case. Does that make sense?

    While you were in Canada, you were arrested for trafficking people?
    “It was not illegal human trafficking. They tried to extradite me to the United States and the judge released me for being illegally detained.

    While you were in the army, did it go well or did it go bad?
    “I came out fine. What happened after that? You have to know that the government of El Salvador was in transition at the time. To get the change of government, (to get help with their change of government?) they began to link threads. What are the threads that linked? Paul Nasser, van, Immigration, coyote (aka Puello?) travels to Central America…Ah, there is a case in Canada… They wanted to link it all together. I’m 200% sure that the government and the police mishandled witnesses and pressured witnesses because I have evidence of two witnesses who were there (in Canada) and are now in the Dominican Republic saying the government pressured them– that if they did not say what they(the government) wanted them to say, they (the government) were not going to send them home (to the DR).

    As for what your wife has said, she incriminates you…
    “She did not incriminate me. She only said what she heard the witnesses say. Imagine, what she is hearing is what the witnesses said. She did not indict me because at no time did she do anything illegal with me. Someone who is not at the scene is not able to incriminate another person.

    One more question….why didn’t you try to contact relatives of your wife again?
    “I’m tired of calling, I have sent money several times, I sent messages. The mother she does not know what has happened and maybe she hates me. She has some suspicion, that I contacted her after not talking with me for all these months (??)

  38. Thank you Blue Heron! One thing I noticed was in reference to how many passports were in the house in El Salvador, and that they belonged to his children.

    That’s rather interesting that he is claiming that actually.

    If it’s true then it absolutely is not right that the press is reporting it nefariously. He’s claiming Nathaniel-the name Kulanu claims he was falsely using is his son.

    If he’s fibbing…………..

    But he’s also claiming to be in Central America when BD said the ip shows the DR. You said that right BD? (information overload again-sorry)

    Over on Failed Messiah the president of Kulanu is commenting sorta “strange” after he accused her of lying. She’s offering to put his articles back on their website after scrubbing them.

    Something just isn’t right here. Why on earth would she offer to put his stuff back on their website?

    And where are HIS children with the mother in jail?

  39. I’m suffering from information overload again. I spent all yesterday filing hundred of Haiti articles and pulling up public records on a lot of stuff. This gets deeper and deeper, and it goes beyond Yoram, who I think is possibly being used as a distraction from the real crap that’s going on. There’s a lot that’s going unsaid on lots of fronts. Silsby stepped on a trip wire that’s blowing up a lot of stuff, and just not her own. Ah, the unintended consequences of do-goodism.

    I’m working on a piece now on Kulanu. I started it last night, but was too tired to finish. And probably another piece on the orphanage, but not too long. Gak! I’m delivering a paper at a conference at MIT and that should be my focus right now, instead of sinking in this sinkhole.

    It’s fascinating how everybody is rushing to distance themselves from Torres Puello, when it’s evident they knew him and had relationships with him. And nobody is being honest about it. Haven’t they figured out that the best way to avoid looking bad is to fess up?

    Thanks Blue Heron for sending the translations. I could read it on the screen, but not print in in straightforward English.

  40. Anne-christine d’Adesky says over at her blog ( that

    “I have three BIG Haiti stories coming that I’ll be reporting on in the next 72 hours. One is major breaking news, so I’m going to release that information by working with a major media partner to maximize distribution of the information.

    They are related to Silsby, to Transitional Housing, and a third topic.”


  41. Sorry for all the posts earlier. I didn’t realize that article was so long! I took the original Spanish version of the interview, and inserted each paragraph in Google Translator, and then read the Spanish and translated versions until I was sure they were accurate. Google Translator makes some errors that make understanding the translated text a bit hard. Especially Spanish figures of speech. Still not sure what “coyote” means in the way they are using it.

    Some good points in there for research, for those who are inclined. Me, I’m going back to my dissertation research, which is what I really should be doing!

  42. Couple things I thought were really interesting from the interview.

    He says he met Nasser when he was hired to help a group set up a mushroom farm? A Mushroom Farm? Since when did Puello have agricultural expertise??? And that means Nasser knew Puello before Nasser “sold” him the vehicle. Hmmm.

    He says he was in the Army for 4 years. Any records of that? Or has it been wiped by the U.S. Gov’t, or is it a lie?

    Oh, my favorite part. He was transporting people from Toronto to Montreal, and they “just happened” to end up on the U.S. side of the border. That’s why he was charged with trafficking. How do you “just happen” to transport people over the border, if you’re going from Toronto to Montreal?

  43. Many years ago I knew these two guys who picked up a couple women in Cleveland. The guy not driving fell asleep and when he woke up in the morning they were in Toronto. He was great surprised to say the least. Customs just let them drive through without waking anybody. But that was a long long long time ago.Somehow I don’t think that’s Joram scenario.

  44. You take the 401 from Toronto to Montreal, and you stay on it until you get into Montreal, (where it’s called the Trans Canada or the 40). Yes, certain portions of the 401 come close to the US border, but the idea is to keep going straight. Not so difficult.

    Maybe Jorge/ Yoram/ Torres/ Migdal and his other alter egos got off the highway at the halfway point looking for a bathroom and found themselves at the Kingston Penitentiary. Unfairly, of course..

  45. Hi everyone just a thought, maybe puello wants to get caught because the really big guys at the top of this are going to kill him for blowing the operation and being in custody is the only way to save his sorry you know what.

  46. Thanks for the new article, Robin. I knew about Requa and the Criders and have a file on them all), but this is new news about a “group from Texas” as the “orphanage.” This wasn’t Jim Allen because he was with Silsby the whole time and never even met her until the outgoing flight from Miami. Very interesting. Guess theyu don’t want to brag about their orphan rescue mission.

  47. A “group from Texas” was already setting up the baby hotel??

    Wow, maybe more details will come out now that 8 of the 10 are “safely” back in the US. I don’t think they believe they will actually have to go back to Haiti, never mind be convicted, and I’m afraid I don’t think they will either. So perhaps they will blab.

  48. Completely OT: “Twilight” teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner is going to star in a movie called “Abduction”: “as a teen who has long felt disconnected from his parents. He discovers his own baby picture on a missing persons website, which unleashes a chain of violent events. “

    Don’t ask me how I know this.

  49. Yeah, they are clearly backtracking and protecting themselves. Jim Allen said that the note that was slipped to the MSNBC was a “fabrication.” While we can complain about MSM, I don’t think they’d fabricate something like that. Allen admitted, though, that he wasn’t there.

  50. I have a question. Lets say they are ordered back to Haiti and they refuse to go and the charges werent dropped, wouldnt that go in some data base if they ever traveled outside the US?

  51. Good morning as a present for your holidays, I have included you in a Federal Lawsuit which will be filed tomorrow at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York at White Plains.

    It has been over 8 years of your site publishing libel about me!

    I asked you when would you remove your unverified content and you told me never! And you invited me to tell my story!

    I have taken your offer and will tell my story but not to you !! I would say it in court and against you!! Your libel has caused harm and pain to my family and my 7 children!!!

    They have been ridiculed in school, threatened with expulsion and your unverified information has been used to harm me financially.

    It is time for you to pay and bring your proof to court!


    Jorge Torres Puello

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