Join Tweet-up, June 3. Stop CHIFF!

CHIFF tweetJUNE 3 is Tweet Up Day! Show your opposition to #chiff by retweeting or sharing the truth about the bill USE hashtag do not #SupportCHIFF

If you need copies of critical writing, commentaries and analyses of the bill pm to attach to your tweets pm us for links.

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If CHIFF has tried to shut you up, tell us your story!

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2 Replies to “Join Tweet-up, June 3. Stop CHIFF!”

  1. I ” hear” that Jorge Torres Puello lives in north central florida.. with 6 kids and wife in a coner lot house….

  2. CHIFF Only recently have I heard of this organization. How can I access all information regarding personnel, mission, etc.?
    Adoption is such a romanticised word for buying a kid.
    Adoption is “usery” and not a Christian concept.

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