It’s Back! Welcome to National Adoption Month 2021 or whatever it is

Welcome to National Adoption Month/National Adoption Awareness Month/ /National Adoption Industry Month/ National Adoptee Gratitude Month/National  Fuck Adoptees Month.  Now someone has re-named it National Adoptee Rights Month. So many choices! It’s our month to do with what we want. Honestly, I prefer to forget it, but since I’ve attempted for nearly 10 years to post every day in November for National Adoption-whatever in conjunction with  NanoPoblano (30 blogs for 30 days), tradition calls.

Whatever we want to call it, the official hoo-haa, as usual,  ignores us altogether. Industrial adoption is hooting-up do-gooding family building. and colonizing. Evangelicals are saving babies from hyper-sexed trailer trash, abortitoriums, and Satanists. Happy-dappy adoptees are proving their worth by proving their gratitude. In the meantime, Class Bastard continues to watch our rights fizzle away in decrepit state legislatures (except Connecticut, and maybe Massachusetts). A broken toe is more fun than this. I’d rather be in Peoria.

Here’s Joe Biden’s official “proclamation” to kick off the celebration. It’s a generic decades-long Barrack Obama,  Bill Clinton, and the 2-Bushes  ain’t- adoption-great spew. (They are big on the ‘”stability” and “permanency” in adoption.)  Donald Trump broke liberal adoption decorum by going family/fetus freaky on us so we’d know how much he values family values. Here are my thoughts on Trump’s love letters  (and here and here)  to his evangelical base about God’s plan for children.

Whatever,  I think it’s worth noting this part of Biden’s proclamation which is well…significant, and to my memory, unprecedented for the yearly Adoption Karaoke party: some of our Bastard Brethern DO get included this year:

During this month, we also acknowledge the history of injustices and racial bias in our Nation’s child welfare system.  To this day, Black and Native American children are more likely to be removed from their homes, more likely to stay in care longer, and less likely to be adopted than white children.  To ensure the equal dignity and care of all our children, we must improve our efforts to keep families together, prevent the trauma of unnecessary child removal, and recruit and support new adoptive families — especially kinship caregivers.  Finally, we must further support families who have already taken youth into their homes and invest the time and energy needed to ensure that all children — including LGBTQ+ youth whose needs are not always met in the foster care system — can find the happiness and well-being that every child and young person deserves.

I won’t hold my breath for any actual improvement out of Washington, but it’s unique to see that some of us have been lifted from the dregs for a few minutes. While I don’t believe records access is a federal matter, it would also be nice if the actual President of the United States took the time to notice that we are the only class of USians denied their own birth certificates. Or maybe not.  I mean, if Biden supported us, you can bet the psychopaths who inhabit our state legislators, would burn us to the ground.

I realize this isn’t much of a blog today.   I’m sorry.  I’m tired. I don’t know if I can keep it up this year 30/30. I am working on two very big writing projects.  One is a new webpage on my favorite adoption-related subject (guess what!). It has 67 pages right now, and more to go.  The second project is a major feature for the Columbus Free Press on the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn movement focusing on Ohio. It may go up to 10,000 words. I feel like I’m back in grad school.  I just have to figure out how to read ponderous glaze-inducing city ordinances that ban abortion and abortion assistance from the city limits of towns. Ohio is quickly becoming Texas. It must be my fault. I’m adopted and both states are my home.

So, I will try to write every day. Not sure of the quality or the length. I may even try the modified version of NanoPoblano ,or I may notch TIkToks on the bedpost.

Whatever I do,  I’ll be taking back November and our genuine lives.

Day 1 of 30–
29 to go


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