A new McDonald’s “adoption-themed” commercial featuring a conversation between a bag of French fries and chocolate parfait (could I make this up?) has worked up sensitive adopters and agency hacks into a tizzy of hyperbole. How dare McDonald’s “ridicule” the great American pastime of family building for the desperately childless? After viewing the vicious personal attack on his/her family on YouTube, one dismayed child acquisionist froths “The assumption behind the ad is that you can’t be a family if you don’t look alike and that something is wrong with being adopted (as witnessed by the “stunned silence” of the french fries.”)

Stunned silence of the french fries???

Another ventilates: “I hope my two wonderful boys (both adopted) never have to see this commercial on TV. I hope their birth parents never have to see it either. Being adopted isn’t something to be embarrassed about or to make jokes about. It’s about love.”

This must explain why the original birth certificates of adoptees remain sealed in 45 states. Or how 13 Russian “orphans” are now dead at the hands of their new forever families.

These all-about-me sob sisters are the same people who in the last few years have consigned any adopta thing they can’t control: Adopt-a programs (highway, donkey, cow, teacher) Stuart Little, Meet the Robinsons, Who’s Your Daddy, and the Middleton Doll Company to the far corridors of the Adoption Hall of Shame for ” demeaning” adoptees and adoption.

Unlike say sealed adoption records, baby dumps, trashing fathers rights, locking first mothers away in maternity camps, international child trafficking, pedo adoption rings, re-homing schemes, the National Council for Adoption, A Child’s Waiting, murdered and abused Russian adoptees, Masha Allen, crooked “adoption providers” lying to Congress–and the entire State of Utah.

Go here for the commercial and comments. Don’t let it hurt your feelings!


  1. I sent my reunited daughter to the site and she chuckled until she cried. She and I both have weight problems and she really caught the food analogy. She said that the people who adopted her were petit fours while she was corn bread. LOL…I let her know that she was red velvet cake, all the way!

    Hell, french fries harm us all and I have the belly to prove it!! Of all the things for adopters to get hacked over, this is one of the most petty. It’s not the adoptee’s feelings that are triggered. My adoptees and adoptee friends laughed at it. It’s the adopters that don’t like the fact that sometimes, an adoptee feels out of place. Fact of life.

  2. Love it and if I was a McDonald’s lover I might patronize them for this commercial alone.

    Bet Wendy’s is busier than ever with the pro adopters…

    Don’t they realize adoption
    is America’s sacred cow?

    oh the damage done could traumatize one forever!

    Like adoption itself doesn’t?

  3. Yeah, we can thank Dave Thomas for doing so much for adoptee rights….him and his and my adoptive parents helped me so much crap..yip, they helped ya Dave…open a chain of restaruants that killed ya from high cholesterol…I wonder if he ate so much due to repressed anger and feelings of rejection due to the closed record system, hmm….fuck adoption. fuck adoptive parents.

  4. They have closed comments for that video. How does that happen? Rape can stay on YouTube for weeks, but don’t allow anyone to comment on a fast food commercial. I don’t look like the family I grew up in, but ironically I look like my siblings. My mother, the one with whom I grew up, has a sister who is the only redhead in 7 generations. I know I am not welcome in the “community” but please continue to fight for our rights, Pacificoasthighway.

  5. The comments are still going. For some reason a couple people are beating up on me claiming I’ve been wounded by adoption. blah blah blah. I guess I need therapy. Maybe they don’t like being told that their horror-stricken reactions to the adverts are irrelevant and stupid.

  6. I apologize for sharing erroneous information! Comments were probably closed for all the videos at the time; I didn’t check. Sorry!

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