PORTLAND–I haven’t gotten around to blogging about the AAC Portland conference as I planned, but hopefully tomorrow…In the meantime here’s a group picture of disruptive adopta bloggers taken at Old Wives Tales during our Saturday evening exparte celebration.

Bastardette, Heather, Sarah, Dawn Friedman, BB Church and Jan Baker.
Photo by Noah


  1. I airchecked Jay Lawrence on some station out of Tucson, AZ about 8 years ago doing nighttime talk. Same old Jaybird, same old smoky voice. How is this relevant?

    I ran across an old post of your’s on alt.adoption in which you were talking about the Jaybird.

    I had the same experience as you, except that it was summer 1966, and I stayed up all night listening to Jim Gallant. What was it about WKYC and those steamy summer nights?

    Sadly, Big Jack passed away this past week.

  2. Marley, you’ve got 6 people in the photo & only 5 names.

    I think that getting on the wrong train must have been fate & that speaking with Helen was probably much more fun than the booze cruise.


  3. I fixed the name. I forgot one of them. I think they are in the correct order. Most are.

    I probably should have gone with Helen to wherever she was going, but it had something to do with the production of her new play and I didn’t want to be a pest.

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