HuffPo Censors Again!

It appears I’ve been a bad bad bastardette again. A little while ago I responded to a comment made on Adam Pertman’s latest blog on Huffington Post written by the ubiquitous Lissa Marie (not to be confused with the awesome Lisa Marie Rollins.) Lissa Marie has been whinging her way arcoss HuffPo one adoption blog at a time dragging her vast knowledge (NOT) of adoption law and genetics behind her, equaled only by her intense hatred and fear of ungrateful adoptees demanding their birth certificates clogging her head. There is some debate about what Lissa Marie has to do with adoption, but it appears she’s adopted, and suffering from undiagnosed Primal Wound Disorder and a deep attachment to government regulations.

Since I haven’t been shut up lately by Mrs. Grundy, I didn’t save what I wrote. I do have this fragment, though, which ended up on Facebook. You’ll get the idea.

I’ve been waiting for you to show up, Lissa Marie. I’ve missed your paranoic posts. I agree with you. The medical issue whine is pointless. No one is entitled to someone else’s medical history. The only reason anybody uses this ridiculous excuse is because they are too ashamed and cowardly to ask for what they really want and deserve. These excuses are why Donaldson, AAC, and other softcore liberals are useless. O…

Left off were some remarks about DNA and a plea for Dr. Pierce to bang his shoe on heaven’s floor so I’d know he’s amused. How I long for the return of a knockdown with NCFA instead of the kleenix box gang who set up shop in his place. Thank you so much, Bill, for dying before your time. We would have won a few more if you’d been here.

While you’re at it, read the regular blog comments, which include a perplexing defense of New Jersey A1406.

Closing with this note: if you’re in the neighborhood Thursday, drop by the Hard Rock for our oppositional exercise and to meet the real adoaptee rights movement, not the corpo run pretenders. (see blog directly below this for details)

4 Replies to “HuffPo Censors Again!”

  1. Speaking of Kleenex, I’m bracing myself for the sight of a box of ’em on every table at the Hard Rock. This is not going to be pleasant – or about actually opening birth certificates, either.

  2. It’s not just HuffPo. Lissa Marie is showing up at Op-Eds and the like too. On Lorraine Dusky’s recent article at a major news source somewhere, I believe Lissa Marie posted that she has family members who are “birth mothers” who want their “privacy.”

    So, I’m not sure she’s adopted at all. She’s one of those “I know someone connected to adoption which means I know everything about it, can speak for them, and can speak for everyone” types.


  3. Would it be cynical of me to say that every non-adoptee has an opinion and knows all about adoption becuase they once knew someone who knew someone etc? Deniers of the experiences of others are such an asset to any discussion don’t you think?

  4. Yep, I’ve noticed this Lissa Marie too slimming (derviative of slimy) around…but let us not confuse her with Lisa Marie Brimmer, my amazing awesome granddaughter who has her own blog….

    And Von: so you meet these people also who know all about adoption because they knew one or two and he/she never said anything…about anything but how happy they were or they said nothing at all about adoption, right? I thought there were reserved for me.

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