Here’s a shout out for my nephew Aaron Reese….

 This profile of Aaron appears in the latest issue of the Campus District Observer in Cleveland.  Aaron, as the profile says, is:

a police officer for the Third District Community Service Unit in Cleveland. He works from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. patrolling various neighborhoods within the 3rd district, which extends from the river in the flats to Little Italy and includes the Campus District. Aaron is passionate about ensuring the safety and quality of life of Clevelanders.

We share a favorite Cleveland location:  Playhouse Square. Must run in the family!

Aaron is the son of my late brother Rob–and grandson of my bio dad, the remarkable and fabulous  Jack Reese.  Aaron is one of the people who need protected from me.  I’m adopted and you know how we are.

Aaron Reese (right) with fellow officer and mentor Frank Sanchez, taken a day before Sanchez’s retirement.
Photo provided by Aaron Reese.

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