He sees you when you’re sleeping,

He knows when you’re awake,
He knows if you’ve been bad or good,
So be good for goodness sake!

Coming on the heels of National Adoption Month, we have December 5–St. Nicholas Eve.

And you know what that means! KRAMPUS!

Krampus is Santa’s friend. In this case his driver. He is what happens to bad little bastards and adoptees who refuse to roll over and appreciate the previous month dedicated to us. Don’t expect any records to be opened in December. Not with Krampus around.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, you can read about him here and here.

Here’s a collection of Krampus postcards:

And here’s another Kampus music video. I like the last shot. It reminds me of those Georgia Tann Christmas specials.

6 Replies to “HERE COMES KRAMPUS!”

  1. Thanks Marley!

    Krampus is Kool!!Nothing like those nasty, scary Teutonic fairy tales to put the fear ‘o God in kids. None of that wishy-washy Barney the Dinosaur crap!

    Ho Ho Ho………..

    “The children were nestled all snug in their hovels
    Waiting for Santa with axes snd shovels…….”

  2. Excellent collection of goodies you just tucked into our stockings there!

    If ever there was a holiday dedicated to putting the ~fear~ into unrepentant and recalcitrant little Bastards this would have to be it!


  3. Who wouldn’t love Krampus? He is not sad or distorted at all!Real kids love a good scare. Lisa, bet you don;t like the Addams Family either.

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