Happy Belated Gotcha Day!

Gotcha Day was Saturday. I apologize for missing our “special day,” when OBCs are sealed en masse and adoptees enter the Adoption Witness Protection Program. Don’t despair!  Better late than never, I found this song tonight just for us.  Gotha Day by Alaska folk singer Ann Pence.

Ms Pence sings about the trials and tribulations of bureaucracy and paperwork as she prepares to acquire her kid from China.

Bastrdette commiserates. In 1992 when I was getting married to Soier in Russia I confronted a daily nightmare of passports, visas, bank records, work records, letters of recommendation, certifications, certifications of certifications, apostilles, translations, snotty government clerks on both sides of the Atlantic.

It didn’t occur to me at the tine that acquiring a husband in Russia is a lot like adopting a child in China. When Soier copped out at the last minute I shoved the ingrate down the stairs.  “After all did for you… “( We made up.) When Ms Pence’s daughter misbehaves  (as she will) all the singer needs to do is crank up her Spotify and force the kid to listen to the litany of adoptecracy she went through to get her. That’ll teach her!

Happy Belated Gotcha Day!


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