Congratulations, faithful readers!

Due to your diligence, the National Council for Adoption is heading for an end-of-the-year nosedive.

I received a follow-up e-beg letter today, (see here for original post on NCFA e-begging) informing me of NCFA’s still dire need. I won’t post the whole sad tale since I don’t want to depress you so shortly after Christmas.

Here is the relevant part:

Dear Marley,

There’s still time to give to NCFA and help children find families through adoption! With your support, we’ve already raised over $20,000 towards our goal of $60,000. But in order to reach our goal, We need your help now more than ever! To those of you who have already given, thank you for your support

Keep up the good work! Hold those purses and wallets close! Lock up your credit cards and checkbook! Don’t let NCFA get its hands on your hard-earned money. They already have your birth certificates.

And remember: Friends don’t let friends give to NCFA (as if any of your friends would!)


  1. OMG that is the best news I have heard in ages! We can only hope…that they can not pay their salaries.

    May Bill Pierce continue to enjoy his final resting place, one of the seven levels of hell.

  2. Oh darn. You mean when mine came in my email as “Dear Cassi” they weren’t reaching out to me personally. And here I thought I was a special follower in their grasp. (Full and complete sarcasm intended.)

    I celebrated this great news with a glass of wine though still found myself cursing the devils, otherwise known as the NCFA, and their statement of “Consider a gift of $50, $100 or whatever you can so that the National Council For Adoption can continue advocating for adoption for children without families everywhere.”

    So, in their previous statements leading up to this one, they are claiming that all those children from foster care, domestic infant adotpion and international adoption are there because they have NO families. Why? Because they just all magically, “poof” disapearred and left these poor children so desperate for someone to adopt them.

    Yeah, that is where I want my money to do. to supporting such ridiculous beliefs and ancient views on adoption and the truths that come with it.

    Poor, poor Mary Robinson and the NCFA. Do you think now that they are facing financial struggles, they too will be encouraged to follow the “loving” option and give up such a vital piece of themselves as well.

    I volunteer Gladney and/or Bethany to be the first “children” they give up since they can not “afford” to give them the kind of lives they deserve.

  3. I’m loving this.

    Now if only the ACLU and RTL would follow suit. Do you think they might change their tune?

    I don’t have much hope that the Catholic Church and the LDS Church are going out of the adoption secrecy business anytime soon.

  4. More good news on the nosedive front. I got an email from our friends at the American Life League and they are tanking, too. I don’t see a link, but here is what Judie Brown wrote:

    “Times are dire — the babies need your steadfast support!

    “We are involved in our most important work ever, in the most important year. We are fighting for the rights of ALL preborn babies — NO EXCEPTIONS, NO COMPROMISE— and are getting results!

    “But we are desperately behind budget! As ALL’s Executive Director, Shaun Kenney, reported to me just today, we are still $211,921 short of our goals and we have all kinds of work coming up at the end of January for our Training and Activism Week.

    “Can I count on you for a gift today? If you don’t help us, I don’t know who else will. I know it takes faith. I know you’ve been there for us before. But I really must ask you to join with us today— for the glory of God and his precious little ones.

    “I look forward to your reply, and your continued friendship. God bless you!”

    As you may remember, ALL was an amicus in Doe v Sundquist. ALL advocates “rights” only up to birth.

  5. braking news:

    bumper sticker making party (in progress)

    “friends dont let friends give to the NCFA..”

    and when you pull into a rest area off the free way, watch them walk up to your and ask you:

    “what does that …..?”


  6. Aaaawww!!! Business is slow!? The demise of NCFA is about the best news I’ve heard since I’d have to really think when! Yessss!!! The Universe has smiled down on us – all people with scruples!

    You know, I read your offshoot article about NCFA and people attaching abortion to just about everything. I didn’t know to beware of this phenomenon. I got some of that, much to my surprise, on Twitter. I was merrily and naively tweeting along a couple months ago on Twitter expressing my views of adoption. I was courteous and non-confrontational.

    I soon got so attacked by a scary avatar, a picture of a real female who looked like a spook, a nun, she even had the username of Sister so-and-so. Later I saw she changed it. Out of left field somewhere, this b—h accused me of promoting abortion! Huh!? Whaaat!?

    I was new to social media and found myself stupidly defending myself. I’ve since learned to not respond to idiots or sickos! I can’t believe it, she even had me going to a religious site filled with pictures of dead fetuses, dead and deformed babies with amputated arms next to them, and I don’t know what else.

    But, you know, later I saw her same avatar (with a different username) in some other venue where she was telling another female that she gave a child for adoption. She and the other female were talkin’ about how much they love adoption! Seriously! I thought I was in a looney-bin! Oh, well, I’m learning!

    By the way, any of you who haven’t yet, please read our critique of Dr. Phil’s stupidity with respect to adoption. The critique is entitled, “Hey! Watch Your #$%* Language, Dr. Phil,” at Happy New Year!

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