Here’s the letter I wrote to the Orlando Sentinel regarding David Bundy’s claim that the Florida Children’s Home Society promises anonymity to women who place their children for adoption.

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To the Editor:

David Bundy, CEO of the Florida Children’s Home Society claims that parents who place their children are guaranteed anonymity (Nov. 18). Under what authority does Mr. Bundy make this promise?

In the 30 year War Against Adoptees, the adoption industry has been force feeding this mythical promise to lawmakers and the public in an effort hide their own misdeeds. They have been unable, however, to present one single document or other evidence that shows these “guarantees.” Original birth records are sealed when an adoption is ordered, not when parental rights are terminated. If the child is not adopted, the birth records remain unsealed. During the relinquishment and adoption process, names and other identifying information about biological parents are often posted in legal ads in newspapers and appear on court documents given to adoptive parents.

The not-adopted need not justify why they want their vital records. They have a presumed right to their own birth certificates and can do with them what they please. All arguments for access, therefore, must flow from the presumed right of all adults to unrestricted access and possession of their true birth certificates, not just a majority class… The real issue is adoptees’ relation to the state. Who owns our identity: us or the state?

Apparently Bundy believes the state.

Adopted persons and their families do not need the speechifying of David Bundy and his cronies. Get out of the business of supervising our lives, and get your own.



  1. This an outright LIE from the Children’s Home Society and Bundy. I know people who were reunited and THE WOMEN WHO WENT THROUGH THAT ANGENCY NEVER WERE PROMISED PRIVACY. The Children’s Home Society is a corrupt horrible agency and they treat adoptees like shit too years later when they want to find their real parnts. They are theives taking money for information never given as well to adoptees. They should be shut down, and all employees sued and thrown in jail after all adoptees get their rightful records. CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT! Yeah! It is time for all birth mothers and adoptees to swamp the Adoption world with lawsuts!!! wE SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET PETIONS GOING TO DO THIS TOO.

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