DOMA, ICWA, CHIFF Conference in NYC–Need people to attend

Stop ChiffShort notice but….if your’re in the New York City area try to attend and report back!

We need you!

March 7, 2014

On March 7, 2014, New York Law School is holding its  11th Annual Adoption Law and Policy Conference.  The hot button topic:  DOMA, ICWA and CHIFF!

I can feel the love now!

I can’t address the DOMA and ICWA panels (except Joan Holllinger is chairing ICWA), but the CHIFF panel, officially called “International Adoption, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, the Children in Families First Act. and the Future of International Child Welfare” stars

  • Whitney Reitz, Senior Policy Advisor on International Child Welfare to Senator Mary Landrieu (Moderator) and putative author of CHIFF
  • Professor Elizabeth Bartholet,  Professor, Harvard Law School; Director, Harvard Law School Cihld Advocay Program; major CHIFF promoter
  • Unnamed, US Department of State representative
  •  Elizabeth Frankenberg,  Associate Dean for Academic Programs; Professor of Public Policy and Sociology, Duke University

We get a double dose of The Reitz.  Not only is she a panelist, but the lunch keynote.

Since State does not support CHIFF, I’m hoping the unnamed panelist comes on strong against.I know nothing about Prof Franenkberg and can find no reference to her in connection to CHIFF on the ‘net, so I hope she’s opposed or a neutral commenter.

Know thine enemy

.This is a great opportunity to see and hear adoption industrialists in action as they attempt to solidify  adoption corporatism.. Bodies count! We need to attend, be seen,  to tell our side during Q&A and other opportunities.    I have the time, but not the money, or I’d be there.

Register here.  Cost $65.00

New York Law School

185 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013-2921

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