Cyber Lilfe Meets Real Life: Meeting Peach!

One of the fun things about being an activist and blogger is meeting people you know from the ‘net, but not in “real life.”   Tonight I had the honor of  meeting Samantha  Brian-Franklin aka blogger  Peach Neither Here Nor There.  And what a peach she is!

Peach was in town for her inlaws’ wedding anniversary party, and was able care out some time for us to get together.  Here we are at the Blue Danube discussing our favorite subject…

2 Replies to “Cyber Lilfe Meets Real Life: Meeting Peach!”

  1. I LOVE this picture! I agree with you that meeting our online friends is one of the best things about this crap! Some of the people I hold dearest in the world are people I have met online and come to know in a true friend sense. We have a common thread of adoption, but our connections end up being far deeper than that one thing. People make fun of online friendships, but I sort of see them as the equivalent of penpals from years back. You learn about each other in many ways and the connections are very real and very important.

    I have met many people I have talked to and come to know online, but would love to meet many, many more….meeting you is on my personal bucket list.

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