LD 1805 has been pulled from the committee!

All of your wonderful letters to the representatives helped do the trick. We have all helped to save a bad bill from being passed.

A study commission is now being formed out of session to investigate how to access OBC’s in Maine, specifically looking at what has occured in Oregon, Alabama, and New Hampshire.

We’ll keep you informed.

4 Replies to “BULLLETIN: LD 1805 PULLED!”

  1. totally. Bill 183 is even more scary when you look at the regulations their proposing: That ALL records remain sealed IF the adoptee was a Crown Ward of the Children’s Aid Society. Well, ALL adoptees — voluntary or involuntary surrender — were Crown Wards up until private adoptions were allowed a few years ago. So this in effect closes ALL records for everyone but the few new young adoptees who were sold by lawyers and “independent practitioners” (brokers) such as Pat Fenton of the O.A.C. who is spearheading these regulations.

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