Blog Review: Musings of the Lame

Claud d’Arcy has been kickin’ it high this NaBloPomo with some very relevant wor.k on her blog, Musungs of the Lame. Today she published a very nice research piece BraveLoveorg– Another Front for Adoption Profits.  on,  a new, seemingly well-funded, baybee grabbing organization out of Dallas.  I considered looking  into bravelove myself, but was busy with other projects and knew it wouldn’t happen, so I’m happy Claud  picked up up the shotgun and bagged a big one..

Here’s what bravelove says about itself.(my emphasis):

Our mission is to change the perception of adoption through honest, informative, and hopeful communication that conveys the heroism and bravery a birth mother displays when she places her child with a loving family through adoption.

The heartbreaking truth is that many women facing unplanned pregnancy feel unable to care for a child. Sometimes the single-most loving thing a mother can do is place her child with a loving, eager adoptive family. We aim to invite and empower women to choose adoption.

In other words, heroizing women into tossing their newborns into the ever-shrinking adoption market evaporating  for  lack of product. Altruism.  See, if  you love your baby hard enough,  you;’ll give it away,.  I remember when my mother ran that one by me–on a mundane level when she forced me to give away a camel coat I adored to some anonymous refugee from Communism.  It was suppose to make  me fee good,  It only made me mad.  I’m still mad.. I can only imagine how I’d take it if my coat had been a baby

Anyway, Claude has done a bang-up job in ferreting out bravelove’s provenance, especially since the webpage gives no information on who bravehlove actually is though we can sorta guess.  Would you be surprised to learn that Claud didn’t find just any old do-gooder big box do-gooder, Gladney,anati-aborts, Gladney connections, and one or two “puzzles” worth watching.

Please go over and read.


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