1. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm….Donuts……”-Homer Simpson

    I was in DC for the weekend, with my friend and fellow birthmother Kim D. who was able to stay for the inauguration. Her son was in a youth group that was invited.

    It was amazing to be there for the wonderful concert on Saturday, and the whole city was one big party all weekend. People of all races and ages were friendly, joyful, and hopeful, and it was inspiring to be part of it.

    No, I did not get a Krispy Creme, and was sorry to see that the company even dignified that stupid right to life complaint with an explanation, ” no, we meant choice in donuts, not abortion….”! But I guess you have to explain things to idiots.

    I’m just SO happy that a village in Texas got their very own Idiot back yesterday:-) Good riddance, it really is new day!

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