1. I am an adoptee. I would love the right to walk into the health department and obtain a copy of my birth certificate. And while I am currently in the middle of my search, I will say this….While adoptees should have the right to their original birth certificates they do not have the right to walk back into the biological parents life unannounced. I believe that these women are paying a very high price already and I cannot imagine how hard their lives have been already because of a mistake. How long do we want to make them suffer? And looking at it as a lawmaker might…isn’t adoption preferable to abandonment that leads to death? Have we all forgotten about the times when babies were found in dumpsters? I think that the lawmakers are trying to prevent these types of tragedies at all costs and I am on there side. If one baby doesn’t have to suffer being stuffed in a dumpster in exchange for me never recieving my identifing info than who am I to be so selfish. I think we sometimes get so caught up in what we want that we fail to see the greater picture. I want my info but not at any cost. I think that there are no simple answers and that we must all just be grateful for the love we have in our lives and not dwell on the missing pieces as hard as that may be for us at times. I hope everyone finds peace in their lives and remembers all we can do is try our best and remember there is more than one side to any story.

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