SB 152, the only clean bill so far this year in the United States, died Wednesday afternoon in the South Dakota Senate. The “reconsideration” never happened. South Dakota Seal posted on its FB page:

When the House Speaker announced it for reconsideration, not even the sponsor said a word. Apparently he lost his fight???


SB 152’S companion bill, HB 1223 started out as a clean bill, but a “contact preference” which is actually a disclose veto, was added to it which reads:

If a parent has indicated a no contact preference no original birth certificate may be obtained.

South Dakota Seal has been told the bill will go to the House floor today (Thursday) at 2:30 PM for a vote.

Please contact the House and asked members to

(1) strike the amendment on the floor

(2) if the amendment is not struck on the floor, urge members to vote NO.

If this bill passes with the current amendment, South Dakota will have created a “special right” for a handful of parents to deny access to records that serves as a guarantee that “special records” will remain sealed. No state with a disclosure veto in place has ever revisited the issue.

Please take a few minutes to write to South Dakota Representatives and tell them that this bill is about RESTORING the right of all South Dakota adoptees to access their original birth certificate. Any restriction put on that right is unacceptable. Ask for a clean bill or nothing.

Go here to get started:

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