No details yet, but the New York Times reported minutes ago that Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter will not be released until next week. It looks like Judge Saint-Vil is trying to nail down Rob Chenvert, Jose Hildago, and Jean Sanvil. Does anybody know if Isaac Adrien has been called on the carpet yet?

My emphasis:

Judge Bernard Saint-Vil tells reporters that he has asked two real estate agents and a pastor from the Dominican Republic to testify in Port-au-Prince about property the missionaries rented to set up an orphanage.

That is expected Monday. If they do not show, Saint-Vil says he still expects to rule next week.

2/26/2010: Tiny Update: A report from the European Press Photo Agency (in Spanish) says that “persistent” comments by defense attorney Aviol Fleuernt regarding the the exact release date of Silsby and Coulter put Judge Saint-Vil in a “delicate position with respect to the release:

Sin embargo, fuentes judiciales sostuvieron que las persistentes declaraciones del abogado Aviol Fleurant sobre la fecha precisa de liberación de las dos misioneras que permanecen detenidas, colocó al juez en unasituación delicada” con relación a su decisión de poner fin al proceso.

I’ve gotten behind in my reading. Has anyone heard from Larry, Curly and Moe recently? It sounds like Judge Saint-Vil doesn’t expect them to show up. If they don’t show, Silsby and Coulter should not be released. But then none of those so-called not-adopted pipeline kids should have been sent to the US and other points either.

A little R& R at the New Life Children’s Refuge, Cabarete


  1. An update on the 12 Haitian kids that got swept up in the Rendell babylift even though they were not being adopted:

    “Haitian children in legal quagmire”

    Tuma said the governor and others on the mission knew that the dozen children didn’t have formal adoption documents. He said they did not know until later that the children were not even in “the adoption pipeline.”

    “His understanding was that they all were orphans,” Tuma said.

    “It was a fog of war situation,” Tuma said. “It was a pretty easy call.”

    The rescue mission came at the behest of Ben Avon sisters Jamie and Ali McMutrie, who were working at the orphanage known as BRESMA.

    UPMC lobbyist Leslie McCombs, who has acted as a spokeswoman for the McMutrie sisters, said she did not see how any of the 12 could be returned to Haiti.

    She said at least one parent of each of the children signed relinquishment documents that were subsequently approved by the Haitian courts.

    “These are legal and binding documents,” McCombs said.

    Paul W. Virtue, general counsel for what was then the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, said in a telephone interview that it could take years for a final determination on the 12 children.

    Meanwhile, the McMutrie sisters are back in Haiti trying to arrange for an additional 12 orphans to be brought to the United States.

    McCombs said those efforts have been slowed by a dispute with BRESMA’s founder.

    Sooooo…everyone involved admits that these 12 kids were not even in the adoption “pipeline”. And, uh, if a parent signed their release, then they were obviously not orphans. And what exactly did the parents sign a release for? They aren’t being adopted!! It’s just crazy circular logic.

    And oh yeah, the McMutries went back for more…got to get that product out…it’s a “war”, dontcha know…

  2. I am very interested in the ‘pastor’ Jean Sainvil. The fact he is an American citizen or resident alien who moves fluidly back and forth from the U.S. to Haiti seems suspect. In addition, for him to have disappeared for nearly a month after helping The Idaho 10, is alarming. If Sainvil thought nothing was wrong with what he had done, why didn’t he come forward to defend the ten? Why did he flee Haiti right after they were arrested? Why did leave on American military transportation as if he were a person being evacuated instead of exiting through the Dominican Republic as other visitors were doing? Was he paid for his services by The Idaho 10?

    I’m sure Judge Bernard Saint-Vil has the same questions. We will see whether Jean Sainvil shows up to testify next week.

  3. Every time I hear about signed releases from parents, whether it’s Silsby, or BRESMA or anyone else, I have to wonder about something. Considering that the overall literacy rate in Haiti is less than 50%–presumably much lower for very poor Haitians–what is it that they think they are signing? Who is reading the documents to them, and do they have any idea what’s actually in them?

    On another note, I’m glad to hear that the Idaho 2 won’t be leaving for a little while. A few more days (or years) in the Four Seasons Haiti gives me some comfort. NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/FOX will just have to cool those jet engines a little longer. Oprah, you’ll have to wait till Mother Theresa makes the morning show rounds..

  4. I can well imagine loving parents in Haiti signing anything for someone who says they will get their children to a safe place with lots of food, clean water, medical care, etc. Conditions there look more brutal than anything we who have not lived through a major disaster can imagine. I do not think any sort of “surrender” under those conditions should be taken at face value, especially since we do not know what those parents were told about the real ramifications of what they were signing.

  5. He’s back, now as Ana Puello, at The narcissist just craves that attention, and unfortunately, we give it to him.

  6. I agree, maryanne. Unfortunately, too many parents are persuaded to sign surrenders when they are not at the top of their game or unable to understand all the ramifications. That seems to be SOP for facilitators.

  7. I just wanted to say that my choice of words in my previous comment wasn’t very good…by saying “what did the parents sign a release for”, I was questioning the document, the situation, and the lack of actual adopters, not questioning the parents who undoubtedly were trying to get their children into safety any way they could. (And may not have understood exactly what they were signing, as others have said).

    Sorry about that!

  8. Hey, Anon Guy. I knew what you meant. I have to say that all the convoluted stories within the context of a true tragedy of unbelievable proportions have left me a bit rattled. It’s like trying to unravel a snarled thread.

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