BAD DAY IN ILLINOIS: Quinn to Sign Anti-Adoptee Bill

The Chicago Tribune announced this morning that Governor Pat Quinn, over the protest of adoptee rights activists (aka “ungrateful bastards”) throughout the US, will sign Sneaky Sara Feigenholtz’s Adoption Industry Cash Cow and Corporate Welfare Act of 2010, HB 5428, (NOTE: The Trib has since published an longer version of this story, which I will hold back on an include in later commentary.

We are expected to jubalize because

Under the legislation, adopted people born in 1945 or earlier could get their birth certificates right away.

Adopted people born after 1945 would have to wait until November of next year — after their birth parents have had a chance to file an objection if they want.

Note the absence of the actual Draconian restrictions on post-1946 bastards and their obc access that the bill codifies.

Feigenholtz has never mentioned, much less taken responsibility for the ugly post that came from her published email account last month to adoptee Lori Jeske that included:

Would you consider giving Representative Feigenholtz the key to your (delusional) Eutopian world where all ungrateful bastards think it’s easy to pass a bill that makes everyone happy AND CAN ACTUALLY PASS ? Pass a law? what a concept !!

We “Eutopian” ungrateful bastards though, are in good company. Here’s a local Fox News video from 2008 about Feigenholtz’s alleged dirty tricks on fellow Dems and friends during her unsuccessful bid for Rahm Emanual’s US House seat.

Mike Quigley has it right:

If you didn’t do it you can deny it. If you did it you can either accept responsibility or do what’s more disappointing and fail to acknowledge it exists.

BTW, Quigley won.

Also check out Granny Annie’s latest blog: The Sounds of Silence.

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7 Replies to “BAD DAY IN ILLINOIS: Quinn to Sign Anti-Adoptee Bill”

  1. I don’t know of one advocate for real open records that heard back from Gov. Quinn or a spokesperson for him.

    Out with Quinn and every legislator who thought this bill was wonderful. We need legislators who are for the people instead of placing politics first.

    I hope all of them find snot in their champagne, beer or whatever they are drinking to celebrate this disaster.

    It is truly a pathetic day in IL but we must get back up, dust ourselves off and continue to fight for adoption reform.

  2. *Sigh* well, the loopholes within the loopholes bill has been signed and many adopted people and mothers got thrown under the bus. I have some hard questions for SF and the rest but I doubt if I would receive an answer. I know my emails were ignored. I didn’t even receive acknowledgements. Let’s see the deformers come back later and fix THIS mess.

  3. I am so disgusted over IL signing a terribly deformed bill into law, and all these other bad bills popping up like warts all over the country. This has really made me understand the term “Adoption Deformer” used by some to describe the people who push these bills.

    What is deformed?

    The notion that convoluted compromise bills are “fair” and consider the “conflicting rights” of adoptees and birhparents. This ignores the fact that birthparents gave up ALL rights around the adoptee when they signed a surrender. There are no “conflicting rights” until deformed bills with vetoes write them into law. Some Deformers have the nerve to say bad bills are “better” than clean ones, and to eagerly offer to advertise them far and wide so closet mommies can file their vetoes!

    What is deformed?

    The “we will fix it next year” delusion. Yes, your group may come back year after year in an attempt to fix a bad bill, only to find that the legislators have lost all interest. “We already addressed that issue” will be their answer for many years to come. No Deformed bill that passed has EVER been fixed. There are NO “baby steps”, just one big step over a cliff for those adoptees left behind by deformed bills.

    What is deformed?

    The “adoptee’s (sic) are dyin'” argument that mixes medical records and sentimental reunions with open records. This leads directly to unworkable schemes to extort medical information from mothers who do not wish contact, and medical registries rather than adoptee rights. “After all, isn’t medical history you greatest concern?” says Mr Legislator?

    What is deformed?

    “My state is DIFFERENT” hence only deformed legislation can pass here, and it is all our opposition’s fault.” All states are different, but in those where deformed legislation has been introduced it has been fought just as vigorously as clean legislation by our usual enemies, NCFA, the Catholic Bishops, ACLU, Right To Life, LDS etc. Deformed legislation does not appease our opponents. Deformed legislation comes not from them, but from “our side”, Deformers who are all to eager to lie down and concede rights in the hope of getting something/anything passed.

    What is deformed?

    “It helps the majority, only 1% left behind.” First of all, nobody really knows what percentage of adoptees will be blacklisted in any given scheme, so the numbers thrown around are suspect. On the other hand, Deformers have an “if it saves just one” mentality about legislation that makes it easier for any percentage of adoptees to get records and search, because search is really all they are about, not rights.

    When you are the one barred from getting your records because of the year you were born falling into a black hole, or because of a veto. it is cold comfort that the majority got theirs, and it is NOT A RIGHT. It is permission from Mommy, insulting to adopted adults and to birthmothers who see their grown children as autonomous adults.

    Yes, I am disgusted by Deformers. With friends like that we do not need enemies.


  4. “It is insulting to adopted adults and to(*N)mothers who see their grown children as autonomous adults.”

    This is scary, Maryanne. I agree with 98% of what you posted, especially the message above. Ya think we need therapy? LOL

  5. Glad you agree, Robin. We can agree on some things, disagree on others:-)
    It is about ideas, not personalities, or should be.

    It really bugs me that this is being touted as an “adoptee rights bill” when it has nothing to do with rights. They could at least be honest about what a piece of crap it really is.

  6. Sara Feigenholtz does have a Facebook page. She has lauded the passage of this bill on her FB page and only 2 people have commented in agreement. Not sure if Sara herself reads there and answers or if she has come lackey doing it for her. But maybe, just maybe..leaving comments there for her will at least set a small fire…with much displeasure. And at the very least it is PUBLIC!

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