From the San Gabriel Valley News:

The baby was surrendered after her mother’s water broke and she called a West Covina hospital inquiring about a county program that accepts unwanted babies. The baby, a girl, was born Tuesday at the same hospital, said Deanne Tilton Durfee, executive director of the Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect.

She had 9 months, and this is all she could come up with?


  1. Hi Marley – I have a question to ask you. A adoptee friend of mine (Canton native – graduated from GO in 2003) is wanting to begin searching for her birthparents. She came to me b/c she knows I’m into genealogy, but I thought you may be a better resource for finding her a local search angel.

    If you email me (from the link on my blog) I can give you her email address. I know she has some info but I’m not sure what at this time.


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