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Miles Harrison’s motion to dismiss the charges against him was denied this morning.

From today’s Washington Post:

But Fairfax Circuit Court Judge R. Terrence Ney noted this morning that Harrison had placed Chase in the vehicle and stopped at a dry cleaners on the way to work, and ruled that “the Commonwealth has met her burden of showing a prima facie case for involuntary manslaughter.

Baby Love Child has blogged on this aspect of the trial and commented on the WaPo article which expands the coverage from the initial article I posted last night. It also describes the defense’s “strategy” to get Harrison off. Incredibly, Harrison has spent a bazillion dollars on upscale Peter Greenspun’s defense argument that he’s not guilty of neglect much less involuntary manslaughter, because none of his witnesses testified that Harrison knew the boy was in his SUV. Huh?

Rather than reinventing the wheel, I suggest you got over to BLC and read her comments and analysis, with which I agree.

Speaking of comments, a really offensive comment ( I hate that term, but I don’t know what other way to describe it other than barmy) was posted this afternoon in the Post:

rpcv84 wrote:

I propose letting Harrison adopt again and seeing if his behavior becomes a pattern.

12/16/2008 2:26:12 PM

Outside of this being a facetious comment, which I doubt, I can only conclude that adoptees, especially from other countries, are expendable lab rats to be used in testing the competence of paps and adopters. If they don’t continue to kill their kids, then they’re free to keep them and adopt a few more.

I like to think nothing surprises me any more. Then rpcv comes along.

The Russian press has begun to report on the Harrison trial. I’ve had ,several hits from the Russian media and this article appeared in the Russian language Gazetta.

No updates from later in the day have have come across my screen yet. When they do, I’ll post them.

ADDENDA: 11/16/2008 11:18: Here is a link to a WTTG-TV news video on today’s court proceedings.

According to Carol Harrison’s testimony the couple spent $70-$80,000 to adopt Dmitry! No mention in the news of what this all covered, but I’m flumoxed! $70-80,000? Did this all go to European Adoption Consultants?


  1. M:

    In answer to your question about where the Harrison’s money went – a lot of it went to EAC. Some went to the airlines for two trip back and for to Russia.

    More of it went into EAC’s Russian contacts pockets.

    A portion of it went into a for-profit corporation EAC set up for itself, run out of Florida. It was incorporated by Margaret Cole Hughes brother Victor.

    There’s money to be had in procuring and selling children. Every adoption provider knows it. It’s what keeps them in business.


  2. Hi attorney seem to be ring to create a new defense term: Innocent by Adoptive Intent. he states:

    “Defense attorney Peter D. Greenspun said Miles Harrison could never have intended harm to a son he loved so much and struggled so hard to obtain, including three arduous trips to a distant orphanage.”

    How does he then explain the dozen plus Russian adoptees MURDERED by those who struggled to obtain thee and no doubt spent tens of thouands of dollars?

    I’m sorry – I’m old fashioned. In my books one doesn’t “have” or “buy” a child unless they are prepared to “parent” that child – not dump him off at a day care center after being institutionalized.

    Natural mothers lose kids for a lot less! Hope his “carelessness” and greater concern for his laundry and his business calls gets him the max! People like this shouldn’t even be allowed to adopt pets!

    Full of bitterness, judgment and outrage,


  3. “There’s money to be had in procuring and selling children. Every adoption provider knows it. It’s what keeps them in business”

    Yep, and this isn’t a new thing, babies are premium and those who have the money can buy them!

    the market is created by those who demand womb fresh babies, and those who know where they can obtain those make BIG BUCKS.


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