Frank Pavone: Adoptees are not your agitprop

Chain of Life, Columbus, Ohio, October 2008 (photo by Bastardette)

This will be short and sweet. In fact, I have a differently-focussed piece on adoptees as props back in the oven, but the subject turned up on my Twitter feed a little while ago, and I just had to share it,

Fr, Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, forced birth whack, and all-around slavering Trump  lover tweeted today:

Now, when I was doing oppositional research at clinics on a regular basis, I saw a lot of this. Often the sign-holder was a toddler or a little older, (presumably an adoptive acquisition) telling us, “my mommy didn’t kill me”  or demanding “don’t kill the babies”  or preaching  “abortion kills children.”  They were accompanied by the usual adult wannabe pleader advertising their desire to adopt a stranger’s fetus. I felt bad for the kids. I once asked a 10-year standing in front of the Ohio Statehouse if he were adopted, and he affirmed but didn’t seem real pleased about it. I told him I was too but didn’t carry it any further. He’s probably in therapy now. 

So, this afternoon unable to control myself,  I responded to .Fr Frank:

and later added:

Neither of which has shown up on on the Pavone feed, though I am not blocked. Strangely enough, a tweet from someone named Michael asking how many children Pavone has raped did.

Responses to Pavone’s post are expected. Here are a few as of this writing

I’m feeling fairly nice tonight and have removed tweet handles. Besides, I’m a Luddite and I have a problem with screenshots

  • Modern day saintly family standing right there!! How inspirational they are!!
  • I know people who want to adopt, I may someday also!
  • Adoption is the positive alternative
  • I’ve adopted 3 children, the best decisions I ever made. What else you got to do with your life? See how much “stuff” you can aquire before you die
  • God bless the Cook family
  • A sweet man called into Patrick Madrid’s show & said he wanted to tell a woman at the abortion clinic that he &his friends would pay 2 months salary for her & help her if she had her baby. People want to help these moms!
  • You’re missing the point. Adoption would be ???? better than the mother killing her unborn baby.

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