Thanks to everyone commenting and sending tips. They are tremendously helpful. Tomorrow I plan to sit down and go through them carefully. “Plan” being the operative word. The way the story is moving it won’t surprise me if Jorge Puello is picked up in Andorra by then. In the meantime, it’s impossible to keep up and comment cogently on breaking Puello events. The best way is to break the story into chunks, although with so much new news, old news gets tossed aside, at least for now.

Today I’m writing about Jorge Puello. Next, unless something big breaks, I’ll give an update on the New Lifers.


On February 11, 2010 ((New York Times) we first learned that New Life Children’s Refuge “legal adviser” Jorge Puello, may not be who he claimed to be. As I determined earlier, and the New York Times verified, Puello is not a licensed lawyer in the Dominican Republic. In fact, he’s not a lawyer anywhere. How Puello became the group’s “legal adviser” is still unknown. Updates on that situation will appear in another entry.

The article said Jorge Callegas, head of the Salvadoran Border Police, told the Times that he was investigating accusations that a man with a Dominican passport under the name Jorge Anibal Torres Puello, worked a human trafficking ring that recruited women and underage girls to El Salvador with the promise of legitimate work. They were then sold into prostitution there and in Nicaragua, and DR. The sex ring was broken up when three prisoners, 14, 15, and 16 escaped from the house and went to police to report they had been forced to pose naked to promote the sex business. Multiple passports were found in the house, including one in the name of Jorge Torres Orellana.

Callegas, after seeing pictures of “legal adviser” Jorge Puello on television in Haiti, believed that “Jorge Puello” and “Jorge Anibal Torres Puello” and “Jorge Torres Orellana” were the same man. A February 12, article in The New York Times gave a few more details about the case, saying that suspect Puello had worked the ring with Ana Josefa Galbarina Ramierz Orellana, identified elsewhere as suspect Puello’s Salvadoran common-law wife. Ramierz Orellana (currently in jail) and Pablo Nasser, (right) former deputy director of the Salvadoran Immigration Service. Last April, just before his arrest, Nasser attended a course on fraudulent document detection sponsored by the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism (CICTE) in collaboration with the Forensic Document Laboratory of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE/Homeland Security) and the Salvadoran government. This opens a new set of questions and issues, which need to be discussed, but not in this entry.

In response to the first Times article, “legal adviser” Puello claimed to know nothing about “Jorge Anibal Torres Puello” saying his full name is “Jorge Puello” (no middle name) and he’d been born in Yonkers (Westchester County), New York to a Dominican mother. Incredibly he claimed to have no passport. “In a subsequent interview he told the Times that his full name is “Jorge Aaron Bentath Puello” and he is president of the Sephardic Jewish Community in DR. Documents connected to that Sephardic community were found in the house where traffickers held the young women. The February 13 Times reported that Dominican records filed on November 1, 2007 indicate that the Sephardic Jewish Community is registered to Jorge Anibal Torres Puello. I have not been able to confirm that.


The Miami Herald (February 14–registratation may be required), scored an exclusive interview with Torre Puello’s mother Ana Puello and stepfather Franko Ceminara who live on the outskirts of Santo Domingo. They confimed that Jorge Puello is the Salvadoran trafficking suspect, though deny he would ever hurt a child. Cerminara says he accompanied his stepson to the jail where the New Lifers were held to bring them food and medication Neither know how Torres Puello became involved with Laura Silsby and her crew.

Ana Puello told the Herald that her son was born in Yonkers, but was reared, mostly by his grandmother, in Santo Domingo. He moved to Miami as a teenager. In 1998, under the name Jorge Torres alias George Boyd, Jr, he was indicted for bank fraud in Philadelphia. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison, 6 months in a halfway house, 5 years probation and a $5000 fine after pleading guilty to attempting to negotiate a stolen $66,0000 US Treasury check. He appealed his sentence unsuccessfully. Like the current trafficking case, he was ID’d through video surveillance, fingerprint analysis, and positive witness identification. He was released on January 10, 2002 after Franko Cerminara went to the US to testify on his behalf. It is unclear why, but the US Marshal’s Service issued a warrant for his arrest 10 months after his release, and he is currently on their fugitive list according to the Herald.

Torres Puello, has been married twice his mother says. He and his first wife Valerie lived in Plantation, Florida. In 2005, he married Ana Rameriz, who already had several children. He lived with her in Puerto Rico, possibly Canada, and then back to Santo Domingo where he bought a house with a pool. He reportedly attended law classes in 2000 and 2007, but dropped out.

Thanks to some super sleuthing by one of my “anon” commenters we can trace some of Torres Puello’s activities in Santo Domingo. Go to Who is Jorge Puello? comment # 11 on my Daily Bastardette site. Through some whois research we find that the Puello Consulting phone number is linked to Puello Real Estate with Jorge listed as a real estate agent and his cousin (earlier identified as brother) Alejandro, as an attorney. As “anon” points out, Jorge sells cheap phone cards, too

Today when I typed in Puello Consulting’s land line I got an ad for a 2000 Toyota Raum Jorge is selling for RD205,000, about $5700. The ad was placed on January 21, 2010, the day before Silsby & Co left for Haiti.


Having recently read a book about Crypto-Jews, I was curious about Puello Torre’s claim to be a Sephardic Jew. Puello is not a Crypto-Jewish name, though Torres is. The problem is that the name Torres only came up a couple days ago when the scandal hit.

The Jewish population of DR is about 400 according to wiki, though there may be thousands of Crypto-Jews some of whom know their origins and follow at least some Jewish traditions and others who do not. There are three synagogues in DR, two in Santo Domingo: Centro Israelita de Republica Dominicana and a Chabad outreach center. The third is the Sousua Community (below right) located in Puerta Plata, which includes a Sephardic Beit Midrash dedicated to instruction of classical Hebrew, the Spanish-Portuguese rite, and teaching of Jewish Law. Sousua is, depending on which side of town you’re on, between 4.5 and 9 miles miles (about a 10 minute drive) from Cabarete, the location of the to-be-built New Life Children’s Refuge.

When the Miami Herald asked Dominican Jewish leaders about Torres Puello they claimed ignorance:

While Torres Puello has been telling reporters during recent interviews that he is convert to Judaism and is president of the Sephardic Jewish Community in the Dominican Republic, several Jewish leaders say they have never heard of him.

“I don’t know any Jews by that name,” said Rabbi Shimon Pelman, head of the Chabad Lubavitch of the Dominican Republic.

“The only Jewish community in the Dominican Republic is the chabad community or the Centro Israelita community. I know everybody, and he doesn’t exist.”


In Fall 2007, The Society for Crypto Judiac Studies published an article on DR Crypto-Jews Visiting Anusim in the Dominican Republic. Anuism refers to Jews who were forcibly converted to Christianity, but secretly kept their traditions. The article was written by Harry A. Ezratty, a Baltimore attorney and prominent scholar and historian of Jews in the US, Central America and the Caribbean. Ezratty lived in Puerto Rico for 25 years and is fluent in Spanish. A man using the name Jorge Yoram Torres–clearly our Jorge Torres Puello– is central to the article, and many of the things we now know about Torres Puello are included in the article. (My emphasis):

When Jorge Yoram Torres moved to the city of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, he never dreamed he would become the founder of the largest congregation on that island. Born in Westchester County , New York , he has lived in Puerto Rico and Canada. A young Orthodox Jew, Torres sports a beard, a kippah, and the fringes of his dangle outside his shirt. His Spanish is perfect. In 2005, Torres opened an internet café in Santo Domingo, offering credit card and long distance calls, fax facilities and a sales office for cell phones.

Obviously Jewish, it was inevitable that someone would approach him. It wasn’t one of the members of the island’s two tiny Jewish communities, but a Dominican who claimed a crypto-Judaic heritage. What Torres discovered amazed him. A large group of Dominicans had been meeting for over 25 years, studying Torah weekly. Many claimed Jewish roots.

For over two and a half decades, they had no serious contact with Jews until they met Jorge Torres. Their leaders had made overtures to Santo Domingo ‘s Jewish community for assistance but were rebuffed. Now they were asking Torres for help. He went to Kulanu, an organization that assists “out of the way” Jewish communities. Jack Zeller, Kulanu’s coordinator, called me and asked me to visit with the group and report on what I found.

I arrived at Las Americas airport in October, 2006, and was greeted by Torres and several enthusiastic members of the community. My trip involved a mitzvah , as it coincided with the Brit Millah of Jorge’s son, which I attended. Torres contacted a mohel from Brooklyn , New York. who would also be arriving that day to perform the service. It was an auspicious event for the members of this community who had never seen or attended a circumcision. What I discovered was that this group was made up of about 3,000 dedicated members, some of whom alleged a crypto-Judaic background. Because of time restraints, I was only able to interview a dozen or so persons. Those I did speak with claimed that one quarter to a third of them are descendants of early colonial Jews. I heard the classical stories of grandparents and parents telling them that they were Jews or that there were odd rituals of candle lighting Friday nights or refraining from eating on certain days. I was not there to determine the veracity of their claims but to make recommendations on how they might be helped. I alerted Stanley Hordes and Seth Kunin, who are studying crypto Jews in the Caribbean islands once belonging to the Spanish Empire. They are now weeding out the claims and performing the necessary detective work to discover the true backgrounds of any Dominican anusim…


This group has a remarkable history. For the past 25 years, they have met on the Shabbat, reading from the only version of the Torah available to them: just one precious book written in Spanish and containing the Five Books of Moses. It has been lovingly circulated amongst the community’s leaders. Taken home by one of them weekly, the Book then studied and used by that person as he led the group for his appointed week. With no Jewish guidance as to the established meanings of the passages, the community followed the Bible literally as they understood it. For Passover they took a lamb into the woods and slaughtered it, kosher style.

When they met Torres their lives began to change. He held Rosh Ha Shonah services in the spacious courtyard of his home. They rallied to purchase a building with a sanctuary, classrooms and dormitories for men and women so that they might observe the Sabbath without traveling. For Hanukah, Torres successfully petitioned the government for permission to erect a huge menorah in one of Santo Domingo ‘s busiest intersections. Torres didn’t stop there; he got the government to donate land for a synagogue, a Jewish cemetery and a Jewish hospital. A rabbi has consented to help bring them back to Judaism and possible aliyah to Israel .

NOTE: Hordes and Kunin are leading Crypto Judiac scholars. Hordes published The Sephardic Legacy in the Spanish Caribbean: Crypto-Jewish Settlement in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamica in the Spring 2009 premiere issue of Crypto Jewish Journal.
The article is not online.

I admit that I don’t understand the politics of the DR Jewish and Crypto-Jewish community Of course, Torres Puello, who seems to be a talented con artist, could have been blowing smoke at Ezratty. Ezratty, however, met some people who considered Torres a “leader,” participated in events, and was impressed enough with him and his “congregation” to write about him, recommend him to Hordes and Kunin, and send a positive report back to Zeller, although I have found no reference to Torres Puello on the Kalanu webpage. I have found no reference, either, to a menorah in downtown Santo Domingo. Was Ezaratty sold a bill of goods? Maybe

But, there are other references to Torres Puello showing he may not be as invisible as the DR Jewish community would like him to be:

The February 14, 2010 Wall Street Journal, offers this tidbit, which almost makes Torres Puello feel like Laura Silsby’s soulmate, and ties back to what Ezratty wrote:

Isaac Rudman, the president of the Israelite Center of the Dominican Republic, said he once met Mr. Puello two or three years back. At the time, Mr. Puello introduced himself as Jorge Torres, and had a letter of introduction from a synagogue in Canada, Mr. Rudman said.

Mr. Rudman said he heard over the years that Mr. Puello had grandiose plans to build a hospital and a Jewish city close to Santo Domingo’s airport, but nothing came from these plans.

Mr. Rudman’s impression from his one meeting with Mr. Puello was that he was very “conflictive,” he said. “His attitude was ‘the Messiah has arrived'” said Mr. Rudman.

Wiki, due to its open source, can be vulnerable to Torres Puello’s charms. Jorge Yoram Torres, for instance, made an appearance in El Salvador with History of Jews in El Salvador:

During the civil war many Jews left the country. The Comunidad Israelita de El Salvador was established in 1944 with a Jewish community center opening in 1945 and a synagogue in 1950 and in 2008 the Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of America and the Sephardic Jewish Community is founded by Jorge Yoram Torres.

Jorge Yoram Torres also showed up in Puerto Rico in the wiki biography of Luis de Torres , probably born Yosef Ben Ha Levy Haivri. de Torres traveled on Columbus’s first expedition. possiibly against his will. He is considered the first Jew to settle in the New World:

In the Bahamas there are two synagogues that bear the name of “Luis de Torres.”

Luis de Torres, ended his days as he was called Borinquen Pierto Rico, near a town called Lares, which bears a name from the letter Reish The name is thought to have been given one of his students of languages. Today the descendants of the second marriage of Don Luis de Torres as he was known, are in this town of Puerto Rico, Don George Torres and his son Don Jorge “Yoram” Torres and their direct descendants.

I printed out the above entry at 11:45 PM, February 13, 2010. By 6:04 AM on February 14, 2010 , when I went to pick up the link, those those paragraphs had mysteriously disappeared.


On March 16, 2009 Jorge Torres. Jr. filed papers with the Florida Secretary of State to incorporate the for-profit Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of America, Inc. Torres is listed as registered agent and president, Ana Ramirez vice president, and Ester Orellana treasurer. All three have Linkedin pages, but little information on them.. There are possible links to other corporatons, but that will take awhile to track down, so I’m skipping that for now.

The corporration submits its purpose as:

Represent[ing]the Sephardic Jewish comunities in the Americas, and establing synagoges and performing religious marriages, conversion, kosher certification, Rabbi appointment and kosher supervisors, arbitratin and mediation services.

The principal address is listed in Doral, Florida and the mailing address is in the Bosques de Lourdes section of la Liberdad, El Salvador. It appears to be the house where the young women were held captive (left)

“Jorge Yoran Torres -President of the Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of America and B’nei Anusim advocate” appears on numerous Jewish websites in what appears to be lifted–again– from wiki. Included in these very long entries is a directory of Sephardic synagogues around the world. There is no listing for the Dominican Republic but we find this for El Salvador:

Sephardic Orthodox Jewish Council of Salvador “Shearit Israel” (2008)

http://sephardicjews.org; http://www.kosheresavaldor.com (neither of which work)

the only orthodox synagogue in El Salvador

But there’s a problem. There is only one synagogue in the whole country, and it’s not the Orthodox Council.


Jorge Torres Puello, like Laura Silsby, is a self-promotor, a narcissist, a reinventor, and a liar. He is a sex trafficker. She is an adoption trafficker. Both compartmentalize their lives with religion and corruption. Both commodify children and women.. Both believe that they are above the law. I honestly can’t imagine why Torres Pulleo positioned himself in the middle of an international incident pretending to be a lawyer, especially with the voice-in-my heads from Central Valley Baptist Church and their brain inept leader. And why would the CVBC christo-colonials take Torres Puello’s word sight unseen? A gift from God, no doubt. But, then, everything about this case is crazy.

There is growing evidence the Torres Pulleo had no prior relationship with most of the detainees. I am not convinced of Laura Sisby, though. There are, in fact, still many areas to look in to outside of Silsby. One should be the relationship between Puelleo and sex tourist real estate and rental agents. Another is a possible link between Torres Puello and CIA trafficking. How far has the sex ring investigation gone? Trafficking demands more than three players. And of course, what was Puello up to, whether he knew Laura Silsby before or after.

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  1. great job running this history down. this story is definitely a moving target. i think sociopaths like torres and silsby do these stupid things because it must be that after a con-man/woman runs X number of cons, s/he gets overconfident in the ability to talk their way out. so they keep going and sooner or later they make a mistake.

    btw i did a little background piece on chabad — big picture — and will add this post in there.

  2. You’ve done some impressive research on this, Marley! One unanswered question hanging out there is the statement by Patrick Mahoney, of the so-called “Christian Defense Coalition” who is prominent in far-right circles (a very dubious distinction), that he had worked on “past projects” with members of the congregation of the Idaho Central Valley Baptist Church that sponsored the kidnapping “mission”.

  3. wow. you are doing a lot of digging. beyond impressive. did you see Charisa Coulter’s photo albums on Flickr? search under username charisacoulter. here’s a link http://www.flickr.com/photos/25253539@N02/ – there’s nothing that strikes me as particularly interesting or incriminating about either of the two DR photo albums but you’ve been digging a lot so perhaps some of these places pictured can give you more clues as to where they went over the summer?



  4. ….
    He is a sex trafficker. She is an adoption trafficker. Both compartmentalize their lives with religion and corruption. Both commodify children and women.. Both believe that they are above the law.

    Amazing entry. Dunno what the connection might be, either, but first thing that comes to mind is nutbag Evangelical/Christian-Zionist missionaries during the Reagan/Bush years, mostly conservative Baptist and Pentecostal, all competing for “souls”. :-/

    20 years later, back in HageeLand, USA, it’s now the fad for some to pretend to be Jewish… philosemitism/appropriation of Judaism at its worst.

    Difficult to say. What little we know about Central Valley BC as a congregation (Southern Baptist Convention, which in itself is a universe of repressive insanity), is limited, much less the 10’s personal theologies, especially now that they’ve changed their own tunes on Silsby just like that. The SBC doesn’t have a lot to say on the matter beyond “pray about it”, certainly not in public.

    The Christian Zionism angle is a long stretch, but these people don’t just fall into each other’s laps out of the blue. They are magnets for each other, and their networks have an often-dizzying reach.

  5. Do they give prizes for investigative reporting to bloggers?
    If so, Bastardette should get one! Great research and what a weird story. Conman meets Conwoman.

  6. Great post BD.
    There were confirmed cases of children disappearing from hospitals in Haiti. Could these be field hospitals run by israelis? They seemed to be the only ones allowed in with their supplies and to get up and running. Connections?

    Could Puello be connected with these disappearances?
    Could he have been called on by these kidnappers to set up a diversion using patsies? And then he enlisted Silsby?

    The israelis, the said hospitals and the disappeared children have vanished from the headlines. Will it be that much harder to track them with this time delay?

    The story of trafficking in children and very likely their organs by israelis has been replaced with christian adoptors. The whole operation has a new face.

  7. hmmm. Actually it doesn’t sound like Silsby had any connection to Puello prior to her arrest, at least according to the NY Times article. Disregard my previous comment!


  8. Excellent investigative journalism!

    James, I am glad you mentioned that point about the Israelis and organ harvesting. Good article here in Counterpunch: “The New “Blood Libel”? Israeli Organ Harvesting.”
    By ALISON WEIR, August 28-30, 2009.
    A great deal of research has been done on this topic but your comment is the first that I have seen to get me thinking about the possibility that they might be taking advantage of the situation in Haiti to do it also in the Caribbean.

  9. Great work, Marley. I’m on pins and needles to see if this snake gets anymore publicity. I don’t think that sex trafficking or child trafficking can be done away with in one fell swoop, but nothing dark can long withstand the light of day. I think I heard that in an old horror movie.

  10. Great – now we have anonymous idiots accusing the Israelis of organ harvesting. Come up with some concrete evidence as it seems you’re no different than the idiots you decry.

    It takes away from the issue at hand in this post and the tremendous job The Daily Bastardette is, and has been, doing.

  11. Don’t shoot the messengers, Wordsmith, whether anonymous or not. This has been going on for years and your throwing a tantrum won’t change what the investigations have discovered.

    By the way, in your rush to deflect, you also publicly stated your lack of confidence in Bastardette’s piece to maintain its position as the main feature and focus of this page. We do not share your fear.

    The subject raised by James and I is a mere aside. I suggest that it is your inflated reaction that will give it prominence…but then again, maybe that was your intent.


    Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent. Ian Black The Guardian. UK 21 December, 2009

    Israel admits to organ harvesting.By Mark Lavie, AP CNEWS
    20 December 2009

    Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine. Alison Weir, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. November 2009

    -Proudly Anonymous

  12. Proudly anonymous:

    What’s typical is you and your response.

    Questioning your motives or source is not throwing a tantrum, it’s questioning. I don’t know about the Israelis alleged organ harvesting ‘scheme.’ I’m not particularly interested at the moment.

    I’m more interested in what happening in this particular case and what The Daily Bastardette has to offer, as well as few other great sources I’ve found. The Daily Bastardette tears it down and lays it out.

    And Bruce – thanks for the link to the statement by Patrick Mahoney.

  13. The Daily Beast has a piece on Puello, with no new information.

    However, they are careful to walk around the question of Puello’s religious status. They say he is impersonating a Sephardic “leader”, but they don’t quite say he is or is not Jewish.

    Also, CNN reporter Karl Penhaul reached Puello on Sunday for a phone interview:
    Somehow Penhaul doesn’t mention how he got in contact with Puello, or any hints to his location. If Penhaul could talk to him, why can’t the U.S. Marshals find him?

    Oh, and one OT item: Tila Tequila now says she is adopting a baby from…Russia. Yikes.

  14. Wordsmith,
    And just because something that does not interest you, happens to appear in front of you, this is your response? Turn away, my dear, and focus on what does interest you. And if in a moment of weakness, you do succumb to the temptation to distract yourself in order to respond, do reconsider whether this is the manner in which you should question the motives or sources of others:

    “Great – now we have anonymous idiots accusing the Israelis of organ harvesting. Come up with some concrete evidence as it seems you’re no different than the idiots you decry.

    Perhaps those are the rules of engagement in your neck of the woods (Idaho, not so?) but I have never witnessed such behaviour from Bastardette and I am sure that she has not always had the same opinions or interests as her readers.

    By the way, on the subject of anonymity, is Wordsmith your first name or your family name?

    To conclude, this is the last that I will say on your unfortunate outburst, so if you wish to continue distracting yourself, do proceed. It will be your decision and not the fault of any persons here who were quite calmly commenting on a topic that has been widely researched and discussed.

    Thank you Bastardette, for allowing Wordsmith and I, this opportunity`to interact. Although maybe not in this instance, you must be aware that the subject of organ harvesting IS linked to human trafficking. If, as a result of the comments of James and I, some questions have been raised in readers’ minds, how can that possibly be seen as a bad outcome?

    I assume we are all adults, that we can read and think and arrive at our own conclusions without the virulent censorship.

    Proudly anonymous

  15. Amazing research! Just found the blog yesterday, but following closely for developments. This is unreal. Hollywood couldn’t come up with a story this good.

  16. wordsmith is gatekeeping. the organ trafficking is well documented, and it is of course connected to other varieties of human trafficking, so of course it is relevant to the discussion. the people who operate various human trafficking rings rings will overlap.

  17. “Besiyata Dismaya,” the Sephardic/ Aramaic version of “Bet Hay/ B’ezrat Hashem” (with the help of G-d) is supposed to be on the upper right hand corner of the page. It precedes any written or printed word. His web page has it in the wrong place. Not a biggie, but an observant Jew with an Orthodox education would know that. (Tell my parents that all that money didn’t go right down the drain).

  18. Do you guys love that the 10 Americans have to wait until at least Wednesday to find out their fate? The power went out today so they couldn’t print out the order. Tomorrow is another holiday, so they have to wait until Wednesday. Maybe longer, if the printer dies..

  19. My previous comment and questions and the comments that follow are an attempt to show why Puello is involved in this show and what he is still doing there. These questions are central to BD’s investigation.

    If Puello in El Salvador and the Puello in Haiti are one and the same guy, then our man in Haiti is a sex slaver.

    So why is he connected to a scheme of Silsby’s that he must know she will get caught in? He, better than anybody, would know the bureaucratic ropes and how to avoid getting caught at the border. He would also know that international attention (including Haiti’s own government) had been focussed on children disappearing from Haiti and would be more vigilant in the matter. So why?

    The only sensible answer to me is that he deliberately set up Silsby to get caught.
    Why would he do that? Again, I can only think that it was to take the heat off the growing investigation of the children disappearing from the hospitals. Israelis were running some of these hospitals and the israelis and their medical profession and their government have a long documented history of organ theft.
    Could Puello be connected to the israeli medical teams? It would seem very likely.

    This would explain his sudden appearance on the scene with Silsby and her group; the rejection of the American suggested lawyers (at Puello’s insistance) and that would explain why he is still hanging around; i.e. to ‘manage’ this burial of Silsby to distract everyone from the real theft going on.

    Ordinarily, you would expect somebody like Puello to get the hell out of there once it was in the news. It looks like he is under orders and he has a job to do still; ‘bury’ Silbey. As a rule, if you are being set up as a patsy, the person who will do the most damage to you is your own lawyer who will have been put in your path by whoever is setting you up. It’s standard operating procedure. OK, Puello is not a lawyer but he was impersonating one and he arranged (and fired) the lawyer for Silsby et al.

    The linking of disappeared children to the hospitals must have been a nightmare prospect for the israelis.

  20. Besiyata Dismaya,” is very interesting. I think I”ll toss that in to something I’m working on right now. I suppose it could be a computer problem, too, but interesting nonetheless.

  21. The misplacement of the symbol may very well be a computer error. On the site for Puello Consulting it is located at the top of a column on the right side.

    Searching for hits on the phone number listed on Puello’s businesses, I found this:
    Maria Mercedes Sanchez looking for job
    Mr. Puello asked her to call him…Gotta wonder if she ever called Mr. Puello?

    This one is really interesting. They were advertising for a Canadian to work for them….
    Canadian job offer

  22. Not that it’s a really big deal, but the Besiyata Dishmaya is located in another (also wrong) place on the second referenced web page too. An observant Jew knows that it always goes in the top right-hand side of the page, above any other text.

    The Besiyata Dishmaya is Aramaic and is used by Sephardic Jews. I’m Ashkenaz, and use B’ezrat Hashem, B”H, the Hebrew form of “with G-d’s help.”

    My guess is that Puello is about as Jewish as I am Catholic. Perhaps he passed his time in jail reading about Judaism, and decided to grow a beard and buy some Kippot/ Yamelkahs to assume a new identity.

  23. How old are the photos of Puello, the “wanted photos?” In those photos, his beard is not the traditional, full beard of Orthodox Jews, they’re unlike the one he sports in recent photos. Additionally, he’s not wearing a Kippa in the earlier photos. When did he “convert to Judaism?” January? Now that he’s on the run again, has he become Amish? A Buddhist monk?

  24. So, James – do you think Silsby and her group are innocent? Notwithstanding attempting to take kids from Haiti to the DR without permission.

    I didn’t know all these rings were connected. I was thinking the organ harvesting thing involving the Israelis was borne out of antisemitism.

  25. Thanks Wordsmith. It took a lot of restraint, but I wasn’t about to address the “blood libel of the 21st century.” Good old Anti-Semitism, recycled. The internet makes it so much easier to transmit hate, and circulate new outrageous urban myths.

  26. The Baptist group are guilty of some pretty screwed up thinking, at least, about what constitutes ‘help’ for these children and might well be guilty of other stuff besides. But I don’t think they are well connected with the ‘heavy duty’ criminals who have been operating through the hospitals on the island. That is why they are being thrown under the bus by Puello and others as a distraction to that story.

    Now that Puello’s identity has been uncovered, he is being thrown under the same bus it seems from this article at Twelfth Bough

    If the Baptists, incl Silsby, were connected at high levels we would be witnessing the likes of Hillary Clinton back in Haiti rescuing them just like Sarkozy flew into Chad to rescue the people of Zoe’s Ark who were kidnapping a plane load of children.

    It looks to me that the parallel operation to Zoe’s Ark is the hospital disappearances not Silbys crew. Which is not to defend the Baptists in any way but that there is a way bigger dimension to this story.

    Of course, if Clinton does turn up to rescue the Baptists, that will change my appraisal of them.

  27. James — While your theory that Silsby was “set up” by Puello is certainly plausible (though I don’t see any evidence yet for the rest of your theory, re the hospitals, organ trafficking, etc), what I think is more likely is that Silsby didn’t follow his instructions. She’s arrogant and accustomed to being her own boss. Jorge may have told her exactly what steps to take to to get the busload of children out of Haiti, but she thought she knew a better way, or knew she could pull it off without bothering with all the detailed procedures and contacts Jorge had spelled out for her.

  28. Silsby isn’t connected to anybody She and her Baptists are just out there. These people are all over AdotionLand–they’re just pushier and clumsier than the usual crowd. Adoption = conversion Before Silsby in Haiti we had Ed Rendell, Mormons, and numerous baybee-savers hopping on planes, baby lifting, mucking up the airport, and throwing their hefty American weight around. The Great White Hope.

    Don’t you guys ever sleep?

  29. Anon,
    agreed, there is no evidence of Puello setting up Silsby and her Baptists. But the guy is all wrong. Almost everything he is doing is out of character. Plus you have the fact that he has been paid by someone it seems though he is telling the Baptists he is doing it for free (out of character) and the Baptists say they haven’t paid him (probably true). So who’s paying him? My guess is that the cheque is drawn on a bank in Tel Aviv.

    There is evidence, however, of the disappearances of children from hospitals in Haiti early on and attested to by at least one Haiti government minister, from memory. As the israelis were the only medical teams to get in with their supplies it is highly likely that the disappearances happened at their hospitals. Add in the history of organ stealing and it is pretty straight forward to see what is going on. Where are those kids now? Are they alive? Is anyone looking for them?

    I read Silsby as you do and as BD does. Same goes for the Baptists; probably just being conned by Silsby who is simpy more arrogant and narcissistic than they are.

    Keep digging BD. This is great work. I think this story has the potential to bust open this whole child trafficking business.

  30. I agree, BD. Adoption=conversion has to be the mindset in the attempts of the fundies to dip into the kiddie pool in Haiti. In a nation that guarantees freedom of religion (and, by clear implication, freedom FROM religion) we are seeing a battle to install ultra-conservative, Protestant Christianity as the state religion. They can only accomplish that with money and by becoming the majority of the population. They are patient. The more good, little fundies they can ab-dopt and raise, the more soldiers for the cause. JMO, but more people than me are worried about this trend.

  31. http://www.mycentraljersey.com/article/20090723/NEWS/90723016/UPDATE–Federal-corruption-probe-spans-44-arrests–human-organ-trafficking

    Read thoroughly, til the end.

    This was a HUGE Federal arrest involved money laundering and organ trafficing.



    Check it out Bastardette. No conspiracy theory here whatsoever.

    This is our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT who made these arrests and are prosecuting!

    Perhaps a connection? I don’t know, but since the subject came up and no one brought this information to attention here, and “blood libel” was accused, I think it is prudent to bring FACTS in.

  32. Robin

    I recall those arrests. It was a pretty big deal, however, I don’t know the status of the case thus far. Will have to do some research on that.

    The connections so far with the Haiti debacle are crazy scary.

    haitivox.com has some recent information on all the various connections with good followup questions.

  33. Robin, thank you for putting these links in to address the “blood libel” comment because this is not a conspiracy theory, as you point out. this is documented. look it up.

    just one story, background on organ trafficking and “transplant tourism”:


    the important thing to realize is that these organized rings cannot function without people on the inside. this is made clear by the organ trafficking, for instance, because it involves people who work in hospitals. human trafficking requires corrupt people who work in customs. etc. it’s not “just” a bunch of criminals being wily. it’s Organized Crime, meaning it’s, you know, ORGANIZED by corrupt people in key positions. that’s why it keeps going on and on, and that’s why the rings would be connected. it’s protected business.

    i think puello is an asset in this sense, he was working in the trafficking ring — one link in the ring. he may also now be played or sacrificed as a diversion to protect the larger ring, in the same way people like David Coleman Headley and Col. Russ Williams, once caught, are painted as “rogue.”

    they’re not rogue, in my opinion. the whole system is rogue.

  34. Over the years I’ve tended to dismiss organ harvesting stories. Living in Russia, I’ve heard all sorts of seriously bogus reports about somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who woke up in a hotel to room to find they were missing kidney. Russians love that stuff, even more than “Islam: death of our culture” moaning and groaning. Or that AIDS is caused by Germans.

    But, I also know that organ harvesting can be real. We know it’s a fact that the Israelis, for instance, harvested organs from Palestinians they killed, without the consent of their kin.

    On my End Child Exportation and Trafficking in Haiti page http://dontadopthaiti.blogspot.com I archived a story about 32 disabled and basically unadoptable kids who went missing from a Haitian hospital. http://www.newbernsj.com/articles/children-62688-haiti-mercy.html I expected to see more on this but the story was disappeared and buried–like those kids.

    The Israelis were also involved in an adoption scam involving Yeminite Jews. There used to be a big resource page about it, but it was one of those services that stopped supporting webpages. I need to see if it went up somewhere else.

    Anyway, Yemenite Jewish mothers were told their babies died at birth, when they were, it is believed, trafficked for adoption. Some of the families managed to get some graves exhumed and found them empty. The Israeli press had a field day with it, but nothing was resolved. I’ll try to find a link later today.

    I want to point out, though, that this type of “mass” operation is not limited to Israelis. The Greek government about 12 years ago nearly fell over the same type of scam that went on for decades where people, mainly, in a poor area of the country were targeted, told their babies were dead, when they’d really been sent off to the US and other places to Greeks or people of Greek heritage.

    It happens in lots of countries. Some of it is systematic; some random. International Adoption is a huge racket.

  35. Hi, when i saw his picture i could not believe it, This guy is wanted in canada ,but he change his look and converted to jewish , HE IS WANTED IN CANADA check with canadiens autoritys , He scam so many people in canada then when he was wanted by Montreal police he flew to Dominican Rep

  36. I am open to answer any question you have on me about my Yiddishkite, or anything
    my e-mail is [email protected] , I am not affraid to answer all you question and give you proof!!!!

    Posted by: Jorge Torres Puello | February 18, 2010 at 02:32 PM

    1. My Mothers mother is Swiss, her name is Miriam Rosental. And during the Shoach she moved to the DR and her name was changed by Trujillo for political reasons to Maria.She married my Grand Father Mannuel Puello a beirut Jew who moved to the Dominican Republic.


    3. After all my troubles I decided to do Baal Shuva and with the Help of a Montreal Rabbi I returned to the Jewish Community.

    4. I never choose the life I had, I never made any money with any B´nei Anous, the story that you dont know is that I Gave more than US$600,000 to help others return to Judaism. ALL MY MONEY.

    5. In Canada while working undercover for the US Gov. The government never told the Canadian that they were conducting an investigation ilegaly inside Canadian Soil, I get trap in to this mess. I WAS RELEASE AFTER BEEN ILEGALY DETAINED IN PRISON FOR AN EXTRADITION TO THE U.S.



    read it your self.

    My mother has never been religious and she married on her secon marriage a chatolic man. (That don´t take away my jewishness)

    The reason Rabbi Perlman and Isaac Rudman don like me is because they dont like poor jews, and the b´nei anous had no money. (Like Hashem choosed only rich people when our father Abraham Abinu times)

    The Mohel who did my sons bris was an ultra orthodox jew ISRAEL HELLER from New York, some one recomended by Rabbi Perlman´s boss Rabbi Zarchi from Chabad Puerto Rico.

    Kulanu never sent me a dime, if you go to their web site in the news letter you will find more news about the community, and the forest foundation send some help for Chanukka when I built the biggest Chanukkia in dominican history.

    As for the charges in El Salvador I am being extorted, I was not even there when in the span of the time when the crime was committed.

    If you need more let me know


    P.S. Yoram is in the book of Kings. Not a new israeli name.

  37. Sorry for the link it wont work that way


    use this one and tipe my name




    read it below






    June 9th, 2004










    Third party


    [1] I am inclined in particular circumstances of this case to take a rather restrictive view of article 69 of the Extradition Act.

    [2] There is one thing that is clear. This is intended to be an expeditive procedure, the act is drafted in that fashion, delays are set out and the delays stand to be respected.

    [3] There is no doubt that to some considerable degree Mr. Torres is the author of his own misfortune, in view of the (numerous, huge) number of letters that have been sent on an ongoing argument at various dates to the Ministry of Justice but that does not excuse for one second the Ministry of Justice.

    [4] The Minister has his obligations under the Act, the Minister has the obligation to act in one way or another and it is totally unacceptable that the Minister’s counsel, paralegals or everybody else put off under the guides of incorporating this into a final submission to the Minister that would be given at some elastic date on the future without having regard for any of the delays that are set out in the Act that somehow or other somebody be kept incarcerated for months on end.

    [5] Giving this the most charitable interpretation that it can be given, from the point of view of the Minister of Justice, Mr. Torres has one way or the other been detained illegally since the 13th of March because he was entitled to do a decision by that date at the very least. (2003) (YEAR ADDED BY ME)

    [6] As I say, not for me to speculate on the consequences but I read discharged out of custody to mean discharged out of custody purely and simply and I am cognisant that Mr. Justice Hébert has already declined to grant a stay of proceedings in this matter, so that I should not be interpreted the same that the order that I am rendering today intended to be interpreted in that sense. Not at all.

    [7] I am interpreting section 69 to mean that he should be discharged from custody awaiting the decision of the Minister and it is not for me to specify as of today within what delays the Minister should act. That is up to the Minister to determine and to act accordingly.


    GRANTS in part the Petition and

    ORDERS the immediate release of Mr. Torres from custody.

    Mr. Torres:

    The conditions for your release are the following:

    a) To keep the peace and be a good behaviour and to attend to Court when required;

    b) To reside at […], Granby and not to change your address without the authorization of the Court;

    c) To remain within the territorial limits of the Province of Quebec;

    d) To abstain from applying a passport and I note that your two passports, one which is for the United States and the other for Dominican Republic have been surrendered;

    e) To report to the RCMP at Granby between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and signed the register once a week on Friday, beginning on the 11th of June of 2004 and to report to the RCMP within 24 hours of receiving the Minister’s decision with regard to surrender;

    I take that these conditions will be respected.

  38. If you want a letter of my sinagogue in canada I will send it to everyone, I BELONG TO THE OLDEST SYNAGOGUE IN CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES, even before all this Sphardic hater Kuzzars came to america. We are the true jews the Jews from the Arab Countries and Sepharad. The Ramban, Rambam, Rashi, Onkelos, Don Senior etc. Are all Sephardic. You don´t see any Auskenazim. or Black Hats or Schreimers in during the golden age of Judaism. It makes me sick that all this Kuzzars whant to step over our sages decision.

    << Yet, even then, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject or spurn them so as to destroy them, annulling My covenant with them: for I HaShem am their God >> [ויקרא-Vayikra. 26:44]

  39. << If the heaven above could be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they had done, said HaShem >> [יִרְמְיָה, Yirmĭyahu. 31:37]

    << An Israelite, although he sinned, is still an Israelite >> [סנהדרין‎-Sanhedrin 44a]

    – Hide quoted text –

    << (According to Kings 19:18, there were 7,000 faithful Israelites who) “have not bowed to Baal, we did not see that it occurred to any of our Sages that our forefathers who betrayed God, rebelled against Him and denied Him should be called ‘complete gentiles’ or ‘worse than gentiles,’ and that their sons who repented and worshipped God should be considered proselytes >> [R. She’ adyá ben Maimon ibn Danan, Khemdah Genuzah, 15a]

    In views of Divine, Prophetic, Talmudic and post-Talmudic understanding, an apostate Israelite is still an Israelite. It follows that an Anous, who was forced into avoda zara / foreign cult, and their children who are born in a state of duress among non-Jews, are also Israelites:

    << (the children of Anusim), who have never seen the light of the Torah, are no different from Jewish children who have lived as prisoners among non-Jews or with Karaites (Israelites who do not believe in the authority of Oral Torah), even Maimuni, Hiljot, Mamrim III, 3, had compassion on them, and treated them lightly. >> [R. Abraham de Aboab – year 1694 — Deber Shemuel, No. 45(S. 18c f.)]

    It hardly ever occurred to the Sages of Israel in the Ottoman Empire, Italy, Algiers, Morocco, Amsterdam, London – in fact every where the most brilliant luminaries of our tradition flourished – to call Anusim “gentiles” much less “proselytes”. Because, as received in the mouth of Rabbi Samuel de Medina from his teacher R. Taytazak, as confirmed by Gaon Zemah, in relation to the Anusim:

  40. << . . . if anyone brought up the question about the possibility that the child is from a non-Jewish woman, might answer would be that UNLESS THERE IS PROOF TO THE CONTRARY, we take as fact that the child is from a Jewish woman.
    Furthermore, we assume that all Marranos are descendants of Jews . . . and just as we assume the father of the Marrano is Jewish, we give as fact that each mother of the Marrano is Jewish >> [Responsa III, 112]

    In other words, the proof for the matrilineal descent lies with the accuser . . .

    Not with the alleged victim. Why?

    In the Mishna – the compilation of Oral Torah – we find an injunction that says:

    << If a man and his wife went beyond the sea and he and his wife and his children returned and he said, ‘Lo, this is the wife that went with me beyond the sea and these are her children’, he need not bring proof about either the woman or the children. >> [Kiddushin 4:10]

    In another responsum, now in regards to the Anusim of Ashkenaz (Germany) in the 12th c., Rabbi Salomon bar Simson said:

    << Whoever talked about them in a demeaning way was a sinner because that person spoke against God. >> [Geshichte der Juden in Deutschland a.a. O. p. 29, Bernfeld a.a. O.S. 192.]

    Why? Very simple, to speak wrongs on Israel leads to impiety, as exposed by Maimonides, of blessed memory:

    << It is well known from the account of our rabbis that before the Israelites left Egypt, they corrupted their ways and violated the covenant of circumcision, so that none of them save the tribe of Levi was circumcised . . .
    Nevertheless, although they were corrupt as all this, God rebuked Moses for saying: What if they do not believe me? [Exod. 4:1].

    And he retorted: They are believers, children of believers; believers, as Scripture reports: and the people . . . believed [Exod. 14:31]; sons of believers: because he believed, He reckoned it to his merit [Gen. 15:6].

    But you will end up not believing; it is told in Scripture: Because you did not believe Me enough to affirm My sanctity [Num. 20:12].

    In fact, he was punished at once, as the rabbis understood: “He who suspects the innocent suffers physically.

    What is the proof? Moses >> [Iggeret ha-Shemad, Halkin’s translation, (Philadelphia, 1993) p. 17]

    Now I am also held accountable.

    The very claim of the Anusim carries authority, and establishes the main reference point for rabbinical defense.

    The Rabbis dialogue underneath the voice of the Anusim.

    We hardly find any actions to the contrary. And since it is in the majority of opinions to consider Anusim as part of Israel, it follows that it is treated with the utmost respect and care.

    Therefore, there should be to no one’s amazement to see R. Aaron Soloveichik response when he says:

  41. << They (the Anusim) must be treated like full Jews in everyway (counted for minyan, given aliyot, etc.) >>

    For Judaism to be operative in what we call the “chain of tradition”, the full force the Written and Oral Torah, the commentaries of the Talmud, and the post-Rabbinic tradition as deposited in the Responsa have to operate hand in hand.

    To render any of these useless, renders the whole “chain” inoperative. For this reason, Maimónides in his Mishne Torah – who in the name of the Sages – says:

    << If a tribunal promulgated a decree, or instituted a rule, or put in practice a norm, and this became widespread among all the people in Israel, and thereafter another tribunal pretends to annul that which was arranged by the first and eradicate such rules, decree or norm, it cannot do it unless it (the second tribunal) surpass the first in wisdom and number. If it surpasses them in wisdom but not in number, or in number but not in wisdom, it cannot annul the dispositions, even if the reason ceased to be for which the said decree or rules were first established . . . >> [MT Hilkhot Mamurim, II.2]

    Because it is certain that we all are dwarfs in the presence of the luminaries of the tradition, and when will it happen for us to surpass them? Let me let you into a secret: Never.

    And how can anyone explain to the Anusim – with the full use of Halakha – how these most central matters on Israel’s identity do not come violated to its very core through the use of Giur?

    Is this perhaps a joke? Can Israel be Israel without what the Sages have known for all times? And how can one invalidate the lineage of another Israelite without first bringing proof? And borrowing an expression from Maimonides, to make Anusim (coerced Israelites) into Gerim (adopted into the house of Jacob) is a “ranter of nonsense.”

    Since when is permissible to take advantage of the innocent’s ignorance?

    It is certain proving the Ignorance of some individuals through the Anusim filter.

    And how we prove their ignorance? Ask them how many Rabbis decreed in favor of Anusim; Ask them for how long this went on; Ask them to prove you how their decision to make a Ger from an Anusim validates tradition.

    They shall remain speechless for they have not been taught; yet they do not seem to have the responsibility to explain themselves either. As Maimonides lamented over 800 years ago:

    << Evidently he considered his remarks free from doubt, in no need for correction. He handed them to someone who was to convey them in every city and town, and in this way brought darkness into the hearts of men. “He sent darkness; it was very dark” (Ps. 105:28) >> [Iggeret ha-Shemad, Chp I]
    Yet, ignorance by itself is not a sin.

    Under all this, Anusim have every right to resist a “conversion” as understood in the sense of “adoption”. On the other hand, in no way they can, as with any Israelite, remove themselves from practicing Judaism . . .

    Giur may be the “only” way as offered by some today, yet I cannot see how this is the correct way.

  42. Again, I must go back to the few Rabbis who are aware (not even knowing) the legal precedence on Anusim, and yet have to conform to the Status Quo to avoid any problems. Yet, let it be known they are not obliged and loop wholes can be found within the system.

    In all fairness, you must understand that the whole issue of “conversion” is abhorred in the minds of some Anusim.

    They have every right to think so.

    We know that some people demanded also conversion from Yemenite Jews decades ago, yet the Yemenite community stood on its feet and fought their way through. How does one Jew have the right to invalidate the other’s lineage? Anusim lack the communal aspect, and as a result they cannot defend themselves jointly.

    By all that we know on Anusim, no ceremony of “conversion” was ever performed and neither a certificate was ever issued.

    Can anyone bring me the Responsa from 1400’s to 1800’s that explicitly show how this was ever done? For all we know, Anusim were treated on the same footing as it is done with any Jew today who did not grow up in the ways of tradition.

    For all that this is worth . . . 761 years ago, the monastic orders in Spain set out to preach to Jews in their synagogues and convince them to conversion; 611 years ago the violent persecutions and conversions began in Seville; 515 years ago the longest, the most organized machinery for the destruction of the core of Israel (their soul) was founded.

    The Inquisition aim was to eradicate the Jewish soul from the conversos, believing in the Christian doctrine that through Jesus everyone forms parts of the Church’s body and are no longer their former selves, and Judaism corrupts that “Body” , therefore we had to be treated as a disease that ultimately was cured with fire.

    This is what happened to the community that revived Hebrew in its spoken and written forms, whose communities gave us the Codifiers of our Law, the liturgical poems most respected in our traditions, the Science and Translations that spread through the Civilized world, and a good name that speaks of elegance, mutual respect, and brilliant wit; whose descendants opened the doors again to France and England, and the New World .

    Giving into Giur l’humra represents inversely the recognition that the Church achieved its aim.

    Anusim are no longer Israel . . . Anusim are Aliens to be “newly” adopted into the house of Jacob.

    Is this how Jews today pay respect to tradition and the berit?

    Thank you,


    Yoram Torres.

    Posted by: Jorge Torres Puello | February 18, 2010 at 03:06 PM

    Every one concentrates in what I did WRONG (NOT FOUND GUILTY YET), and don´t even mention that I risk my life for others.

  43. Response to Robin

    Most people had never heard of this black market until last summer’s arrest of a Brooklyn man charged with trafficking in kidneys – the first case of its kind in the U.S.

    Dan Rathers press release for the Kidney Rabbi
    The trial of Rabbi Levi Rosenbaum is set for 3/8/2010.

    Dan Rather and Nancy Scheper-Hughes have taken on a story that has not been “told like it is” since a New York Daily News article came out on July 25, 2009.
    Thank you DAN RATHER

    This guy carried a gun and would pressure poor people into giving up their Kidneys.

    This NYTimes article came out two days after the FBI arrested four Sephardic/Syrian Rabbis from Deal, NJ.

  44. hmm. well, BD, i don’t know who this person claim to be jorge puello is, but in one of the news stories i read, a witness claimed puello was fluent in 4 languages and came across as highly intelligent.

    also, i’ve spent some blogging time on the organ trafficking angle, in particular the logistics of how that might have been set up, theoretically, for haiti, by the israelis, who bragged about being the first on the scene with their field hospital. also, since there is a history with the NJ organ trafficking scandal, mentioned earlier. along the way a split between the ashkenazi and sephardic jews became apparent. so there’s something to this angle in my opinion, but i don’t think this person is puello.

    the links are here:

  45. Excellent work. I am an attorney in the Dominican Republic and am fascinated by how these criminals can invent a whole history and legacy unto their persons. Regrettably our weak democracies are a breeding ground for these shady characters who come here from all parts of the world trying to operate above the law. If you read the latest news, Puello has now been apprehended and is pending an extradition to the U.S. Finally some justice might be done in this case.

  46. Dear Diplomatic mission and Department of State,

    I am very concern for my personal safety as Government officials of the Republic of El Salvador are again making threats against me and my family. As you are well aware, charges in the Republic of El Salvador were instituted to extort me and my family. These charges are dubious due to the fact that they charge me with “Personally transporting in my vehicle 5 Nicaraguan Citizens to EL Salvador a crime committed between May 20 through 25, 2009. As you are well aware, the Government of El Salvador certified that I was never in that country during the whole year of 2009, rendering impossible for me to commit these crimes. See. Attachment 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

    Again and Again, I have been denouncing the threats and extortion, I am being made to endure by members of the Salvadoran Judiciary and the United States Department of State and the U.S. Embassy does nothing to protect my rights even in U.S. Soil. This demonstrate the lack of security being felt by me and my family which has forced me to apply and seek Political Refugee Status in a third country. I applied in several diplomatic missions for protection due to the threats made to me and my family by members of the Salvadoran Judiciary with the knowledge and protection of the U.S. Department of State.

    It is very concerning that the Salvadorian Judicial Officers involved, Judge David Amael Moran Ascencio, Ex-District Attorney Carlos Eduardo Velasquez de la O, Smirna Salazar de Calles and others are all involved in criminal activities which affect the security of the United States which includes, Bribery, Extortion , Human Trafficking, Sale of United States Visas, Drug Smuggling in tons quantities and other crimes and the United States Government has done nothing to request some answer from the Salvadoran Government. This inactivity of the U.S. Department of State in this matter shows the lack of action of the U.S. Embassy to protect the interest of our country. See the following links which expose these Salvadorian officials wrong doing.>>>>>







    I am very concern for my family and kids safety and the safety of my U.S. Citizen 4 years old daughter who is in prison with her mother as these corrupt government officials keeps threatening me even by sending Salvadoran Diplomatic officials to my home here in the United States and your Government agency do nothing to request answer of Salvadorian Government violation of U.S. Sovereignty and Laws.

    It is very disturbing that after I file a Civil Law Suit in Federal Court against these corrupt government officials, the Government of El Salvador claims publicly to my attorney in El Salvador that they will be requesting my extradition and if not granted by the United States., they will be considering my kidnapping from U.S. Soil.

    As you are well aware, there is no Extradition Treaty between the United States and the Republic of El Salvador for the crimes that country is accusing me of, besides the evidence here presented demonstrate my innocence. The lack of a treaty between the U.S. and El Salvador renders any extradition request invalid. Besides there is other reasons why the U.S. Embassy should intervene, as this case is POLITICALLY motivated, as it is a persecution for my past friendship with the Ministro de Gobernacion Figueroa Figueroa, the Sub-Ministro de Migracion Pablo Nasser Zablah, and Murray Saca family. I am also under fears of being tortured and mistreated based on my religious convictions. This will violate the Convention Against Torture.

    I request as a United States Citizen, that the U.S. Embassy intervene in this matter and request answers to my claims. I AM INNOCENT OF THESE CHARGES.


    Jorge Torres Puello

  47. Pingback: Alert – To The Jewish Community | CrownHeights.CH » Crown Heights News – Chabad-Lubavitch News – Exclusive News Worldwide

  48. Are you going to keep me in your webpage for ever? Even if I was never tried, found guilty or sentenced for the crimes your are acusing me in your website!!!!!

    Jorge Torres

    • Of course, I”m going to keep you on my blog forever. You are history. Quite awhile back I offered you the opportunity to write your own story here. You said you would and didn’t. I’d love to hear how the con got conned by Silsby. I never accused you of anything–just reported on what was going on. I hope you learned your lesson and will stay away from stupid American fundie Christian women from now on.

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