Bastardette is happy to introduce you to two new adoptabloggers They aren’t new to adoption, but their blogs are.

Sleeps with Bastard is a longtime friend and colleague of Bastardette. You’ll be reading some amazing stuff from him involving addressing bastardy in a larger political and cultural context As he writes in his intro, About this blog:

The state of American politics, along with that of American culture, social structure, and yes, the practice of adoption, often can be tied back to one manifestation of that hum: a set of underlying assumptions about how the world works, assumptions that are often false but that ultimately serve to benefit some people and harm others.

This is an important blog!

I’m also happy to introduce to you Michael Allen Potter, one of the most articulate adoption writers in the field today. Old timers may remember his Who Am I? and Killing the Buddha, both of which now appears on his blog I Cartographer. I was just thinking of him the other day, and I suddenly found a note from him n my mailbox!

Both these men are exciting additions to the AdoptaBlogosphere and I urge you to link and read them regularly.

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