Original Birth Certificates aren’t the only thing they lock up in New York

Nice guerrilla action in New York this weekend.  Not about adoption  but close. The National Women’s Liberation Army hit five pharmacies in the Union Square area Saturday  in search of Plan B (emergency contraception).   According to Reality Check, some drug stores not only hide the Morning After Pill behind the counter, but keep it in a locked box! From Realitly Check: (emphasis (mine) During the action, group leaders would loudly announce to the store that the brigade was looking for the morning-after pill. Group members then would disperse, asking where the emergency contraception was and handing shoppers a letter to the pharmacy’s CEO. “The morning-after pill is locked in a box? You have to carry the box around the store?” protesters would say to each other. “Sure, so the whole store knows you had sex last night. That’s like wearing a dunce cap!” Indeed, many stores either keep Plan B behind the pharmacy counter, don’t stock more than two pills at a time, or keep the pill in a locked box that has to be opened by a store employee at the counter. Furthermore, employees are often confused about who has permission to open the box. NWL’s letter to pharmacy CEOs Continue Reading →