West Virginia University Funds Safe Haven Baby Boxes; Cuts 28 Programs from the Curriculum

West Virginia University, has agreed to donate $16,000 to cover the partial cost of two Safe Haven Baby Boxes in Wheeling. $8,000 each with the rest covered by other donors. That the state’s flagship institution of higher education–a public land-grant research university– is throwing money at such an ugly discriminatory misogynistic adopteephobic social experiment ( whew!) is so disgusting… Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 8: Angelika’s Corner: Save Haven Baby Boxes are Amenities?

Maybe Mrs. Kelsey, in her peripatetic journey across the US to make it a Jesus-approved easier place to abandon your baby, has been staying at upscale hotels with an upscale mobile check-in where she doesn’t have to mess with bothersome registration cards and printouts and can move directly into her comfortable and secure room. Come to think of it, mobile check-in sounds like a 2nd cousin of the baby box procedure, where “desperate moms” can just walk up to the box, drop in Baby Bumble, and hi-tail it back to her own comfortable and secure space.  Maybe she’s even got a bottle of Scotch. Continue Reading →