Legislators in Minnesota are the latest to fall for birth certificates for the never born. Yes, that’s right. Under pressure from parents who have lost children at birth and fetus fetishizing “right to life” parasites who glom on to anybody’s grief to make the world safe for the preborn, unborn, and never born, the Minnesota House Health and Human Services Policy Committee recently unanimously endorsed a bill that would authorize the state to issue birth certificates for stillborns. “Infant loss advocates” (whatever that means–to my untrained ear they sound like housewives who promote the death of babies) claim that birth certificates give “validation to the child” or a “chance to mourn” or “a name” or “closure”….or my personal favorite, to be a “memento.” Apparently people don’t exist unless they’ve been certified and stamped by the state–an odd concept in itself–but one that adopted persons are well aware of. After all, we don’t exist legally except through our own state-constructed identity papers. Far be it for Bastardette to criticize parents who have tragically lost a much wanted child at birth (or before). But there is something really ironic about bleeding heart politicians rushing to push birth certificates for the never lived Continue Reading →