An interesting tidbit came across in Friday’s Bloomington Pantagraph. In an editorial entitled “State’s safe haven law proven benefit for babies” the Pantagraph reveals that the safe haven advocacy group Save Abandoned Babies Foundation, is compiling baby abandonment stats for the State of Illinois. Huh? As a Beltway lobbyist friend of Bastardette’s pointed out, “Do you think the White House would let Planned Parenthood collect family planning data?” At this point, we can only go by what the editorial says, but this is not the first time this allegation has been made. An AP story in the May 17, 2005 edition of the Chicago Defender and other papers mentions that SABF “compiles information on the issue for state government.” If the merry band of amateurs at Save Abandoned Babies Foundation is collecting data for the state in an official capacity, it is a direct conflict of interest, since SABF is not only the leading advocate and “educator” for safe havens, but SABF gang banger, Chicago Fire Commissioner Cortez Trotter, has also been quoted as saying the safe haven law sunset needed to be repealed two years early, making the law permanent, so advocates could raise money for their organization. If Continue Reading →