South Carolina. OBC Bill Introduced: Retains infantile restrictions

On November 10, Rep. Robert “RJ” May pre-filed HB 4566 in the House.  The bill amends the state’s current law, passed in 2018 (which started out clean and went down dirty) that permits adoptees, age 18 and over whose adoptions are finalized after July 1, 2019, to obtain a non-certified copy of their OBC  “and “evidence of adoption,”  but only with the consent of the biological parent(s)  That consent is authorized through the submission of a  “Contact Preference Form or other notarized documents. In practical terms, the 2019 law can’t be utilized until 2037, except in cases of older child/foster adoptions. Those adopted before the effective date are forced to file a petition to a state court, a procedure that has a near-zero success rate. Continue Reading →