Rhode Island: Bastard Nation Testimony – in Support – H5453

TESTIMONY SB 5453 an act to permit adoptees to obtain a non-certified copy of their original birth certificates Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee April 12, 2011 SUPPORT Privilege is the opposite of rights Bastard Nation: the Adoptee Rights Organization is the largest adoptee civil rights organization in the United States. We support full, unrestricted access for all adopted persons, upon request, of their own true, unaltered original birth certificates (OBC). We fully support HB 5453 and its companion S0361. We support no other bill in either chamber. ****** Bastard Nation is delighted to endorse and support SB 5453, a bill that restores the right of all Rhode Island adopted persons, without restrictions or conditions, to access their original birth certificates upon request. SB 5453 is inclusive. The bill, as written, is a simple-to-understand measure that recognizes the presumed right of all Rhode Island adults–adopted and not adopted– to unrestricted access and ownership of their true birth certificates. SB 5453 is about rights not reunion. It is about the relation of adoptees to the state. Search and reunion are personal matters outside of government control and mediation. SB 5453 maintains the current level of adoption “confidentiality” and practice. Adoption records are Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Action Alert: Support Rhode Island HB 5453. Write today!

BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT RHODE ISLAND HB 5453 PLEASE FORWARD FREELY. Support HB 5453 – Clean Bill! Make Rhode Island #7 HB 5453, a bill to allow any adoptee 18 years or older to obtain a copy their original birth certificate upon written application, with no conditions or restrictions, will be heard before the RI House Judiciary Committee on April 12 (moved from April 5). An identical companion bill, SB 0361 has been introduced in the Senate, but has not been scheduled yet. Read bill: http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/billtext11/housetext11/h5453.pdf Status/History: http://dirac.rilin.state.ri.us/BillStatus/WebClass1.ASP?WCI=BillStatus&WCE=ifrmBillStatus&WCU Please write to Judiciary Committee members today and urge them to support the bill as written with no restrictions. HOUSE JUDICDIARY COMMITTEE: Edith H. Ajello, Chairperson: [email protected](401) 274-7078 Christopher R. Blazejewski: [email protected]) 484-8814 Jon D. Brien: [email protected](401) 766-9887 Michael W. Chippendale: [email protected](401) 497-4495 Doreen Marie Costa: [email protected](401) 206-6891 John J. DeSimone: [email protected](401) 454-1400 Robert E. Flaherty, Secretary: [email protected](401) 781-7200 Donald J. Lally Jr.: [email protected](401) 792-9090 Charlene Lima: [email protected](401) 222-2258 Michael J. Marcello, Vice Chairperson: [email protected] (co-sponsor)(401) 647-5905 Peter F. Martin: [email protected](401) 924-2402 Richard P. Morrison: [email protected](401) 222-2258 J. Patrick O’Neill: [email protected](401) 475-0265 Michael A. Tarro: [email protected](401) 272-8300(401) 272-5060 Secretary: Roberta DimezzaPhone: (401)222-2258 OR [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Continue Reading →